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New Release: “Bang! Splat!” – a short film by Christina Engela


Christina Engela is proud to present a short animated film: “Bang! Splat!: A children’s story …for adults!

“Deanna is a quaint planet, home to odd-ball quantum physicist Dr. Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy… and a few uninvited guests.

The Herr Doktor and Vluffy are faced with quite a conundrum – even bigger than the Doktor regularly losing his eyebrows. Their home is overrun by mutant two-headed cockroaches – and not even a hammer will stop them! However will they solve this problem?”

“Bang! Splat!” is based on “Bang, Splat!” – an illustrated story, and features some of the characters from my Quantum Series of novels – namely, Dr. Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy. Dr. Gleichstein is a quantum physicist – and as everyone knows by now, quantum physics is a little like ordinary physics, except that you spend a little more time looking for your eyebrows.

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Vluffy, the Doktor’s little companion, is a little gray dog wearing a flame-proof asbestos gray doggy jacket, who spends a lot of time hiding under things to avoid being vaporized by the Doktor’s occasional explosions caused by experiments gone wrong. In their home, even the mouse holes have blast-proof doors.

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But something lurks inside the house with them… something that has grown and changed and mutated from all the latent radiation and funky chemicals spilled around the house… nasty, vicious, aggressive two-headed mutant cockroaches… aargh! Even the mice have packed up their mousy things and left for greener pastures… They even chase poor Vluffy down the hall – whatever would the neighborhood dogs say about that if they found out? Oh, the shame!

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Even the Doktor is dismayed by this new development… after all, not even tinned food was safe anymore! The mutant cockroaches began to terrorize the Doktor and Vluffy. Something had to be done about this… and he was just the hombre to do it… and so the Doktor clears his whiteboard, and works on the problem!

Set on the planet Deanna, “Bang! Splat!” shares the same setting with all the full-length novels in the Quantum Series. Based on “Innocent Minds”, the story had always been a tongue-in-cheek parody of a children’s story, but one aimed more at adults than their children – alright, alright, I admit it – adults with a slightly twisted sense of humor!

All the illustrations were drawn, then digitally colored and animated by me, myself and I, and the sound effects were sourced from royalty-free sources. Some are mentioned in the credits as per their licensing agreements, and others were created by me.

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I have created numerous book trailers for my own books in the past, and this short film represent a complete departure from that trope! “Bang! Splat!” is my first video project that stands alone as a film, be it ever so humble as an animated project created first and foremost – believe it or not – with PowerPoint.

The story is narrated by Morné Condon, an automotive journalist and photographer from Port Elizabeth. We’ve been friends since high school, and I thought his voice would be perfect for the job! He very keenly accepted the challenge – and judging by the resulting audio narrative, he had as much fun as I did working on the video part!

The video is available on my YouTube channel for your enjoyment at no charge.

If your sense of humor is anything like mine, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it… and perhaps your children will as well. Poor things.” – Christina Engela

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This story is about Dr. Gleichstein, the famed quantum physicist seen in “The Time Saving Agency” and his little dog, Vluffy… and some mutant cockroaches, violins and a few “ozzer sings”. “Bang! Splat!” is based on the book “Bang, Splat!”.


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