New Release: Horror Anthology V

Newly released on August 20, 2020! Moon Books Horror Anthology V! A collection of horrible stories that will have you reading this book under the covers!

More about the book:

Moon Books Horror Anthology 5 has a sinister gathering of tales to offer, tales of terror and dread – with victims, heroes and villains lurking in the shadows!

Join us for a darkly delicious cluster of horror tales laced with a smidgeon of terror, a dash of mystery, a hint suspense and even a modicum of fantasy! After all, is it not the mystery which gives us suspense – and the suspense which makes the final horror that much more …final?

Stories include:

The Death Poem of Sensei Otoro by Jonathan Maberry

Normanwood by Anya Louw

Skinwalker by Cedar J. Lockheart

Corona Dance by Major Roxbrough

Remember When by Thomas M. Malafarina

Operation Gargoyle Rescue by Tess Stoops

Steel My Angel by Drew Beasely


  • Words: 44,262 (eBook)
  • Paperback coming soon.

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