New Release: Innocent Minds

Back cAnnouncing the release of something really, really unusual – a children’s story… for adults! “Innocent Minds” by Christina Engela features 15 large full color illustrations, and tells the charming story of how an odd-ball ‘quantum physicist’ Dr. von Gleichstein and his dear little dog Vluffy on the planet Deanna deal with an infestation of mutant cockroaches!

You can read this story with your kids… if you are willing to risk it! 

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“When a sci-fi author makes an honest attempt to write a story for children, the hilarious and mind-bending result is something the author never expected… a children’s story – for ADULTS!

Deanna is a quaint planet, home to odd-ball quantum physicist Dr. von Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy… and a few uninvited guests.

The Herr Doktor and Vluffy are faced with quite a conundrum – even bigger than the Doktor regularly losing his eyebrows! Their home is overrun by mutant two-headed cockroaches – and not even a hammer vill – I mean, will – stop them! However will they solve this problem?

Innocent Minds is an endearing tale set on the quirky planet Deanna, in the Quantum Series universe created by Christina Engela.

The illustrations were well worth the finger-cramps!”

With Innocent Minds, Christina Engela puts her trademark blend of humor, whimsy and high-tech to work in a new story set in her Quantum Series universe. A winning marriage of Bizarro, Douglas Adams style silliness and a unique touch all Engela’s own.” – Alex S. Johnson, author of The Doom Hippies and publisher of Nocturnicorn Books.

[UPDATE: In 2018, “Innocent Minds” was revised and re-released as “Bang, Splat!“]

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