New Release: “The Pitfalls of South African Self-publishing”

“The Pitfalls of South African Self-publishing – a guide to becoming an indie author in spite of being South African” by Christina Engela

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So you wrote a book. Be it a novel, a collection of short stories, a how-to-braid-your-own-hair-without-a-mirror-and-a-third-hand guide, or an academic research paper about the fascinating night life of hump-backed snails – whatever it is, you need to get it out there where it will be read, appreciated and praised for the work of genius it really is!

The only trouble is, you don’t know what to do next – and who could blame you? After all, you live in South Africa, where almost everything is stacked against you from the start! Besides, you’ve never done this before! Writing is your game – not cover design, working with images and associated software, marketing – and as for the internet, don’t even go there! It’s way too complicated! Right?

It can really feel that way sometimes – but the truth is, modern self-publishing is really a lot easier than you may think. It doesn’t have to be as complicated as doing quantum physics – say, like shooting a playing card through the center diamond with a pistol, blindfolded, while riding a dairy cow backwards. Christina Engela will show you how she does it – no cards, pistol, dairy cow, or blindfold required!

Are You An Aspiring Author Trying To Find Your Way Through The Maze Of Obstacles That Is The South African Publishing Machine?

Many people today have a story or two to tell – the only trouble is, it’s what comes after that part that stumps them.

Writing (or typing) the story is only the first part of the journey for an author. What do you do next? How do you get it out there? Do you send them to every publishing company you can Google in the hope that someone – anyone – will show interest?

What about publishing it yourself? Does that sound crazy, or what? Is it presumptuous? Is that “real” publishing?

It’s an undeniable fact that the internet has changed the face of the publishing industry, and ended monopolization by “traditional” publishers – opening the field up for ANYONE to self-publish their own books – AND being successful at it! …Except in South Africa.

For bright, talented up and coming authors who happen to live in South Africa, the choices are few and limited – and the over-bearing gate-keepers’ narrow focus and small capacity stifles literary progress and growth in the industry itself.

In South Africa, publishing companies, book sellers, banks, and even government over-regulation combine to form huge obstacles in the paths of the bulk of local authors trying to make a name for themselves, or to make a living off their writing talent.

Overseas, things are somewhat better for authors seeking publishers, but still by no means easy. “Traditional” publishers everywhere have a lot of submissions to work through, and can only take on a limited amount.

But do we quit? No! The only reasonable alternative is to self-publish. South African options in that respect are just as limited, just as expensive. So we go online, internationally, to do it ourselves…

In this book, Christina Engela – herself an indie author with 20 published titles in fiction and non-fiction, relates – and demonstrates in more than forty illustrations – how easy it is to self-publish a book in paperback and eBook form!

You too – yes, you sir – and you, ma’am – can wear the distinguished hat of an indie author!


Published: July 09, 2019
Words: 47,548

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