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New Release: We All Fall Down

I’m very, very happy to announce that “We All Fall Down“, the new third book in my Panic! Horror In Space is now available on Smashwords and Amazon in eBook format!


A little more about the book:

We All Fall Down is book 3 in the Panic! Horror In Space series, and I don’t mind telling you that it’s taken me over 2 years to actually finish this one from start to finish! The book contains three consecutive stories in the series, “Dust”, “The Song of the Drillipede” and “Hotel No-Tell”. “Dust”, which was released in 2020 as a standalone volume in the series, already received a rave review from UK book reviewer and fellow author, Lee Hall. The standalone version has now been discontinued.

Panic! as I’ve mentioned before, is a parody series in the sci-fi/horror genre, so while it is written in a sci-fi setting, there are definite paranormal and even spooky overtones. As a parody, the stories are also laced with humor, awkward situations and the occasional truly terrifying scenario!

The latest book is also the longest in the series, being almost 74 thousand words long. It’s already available in eBook format, and soon to be released in paperback as well.

The back cover blurb:

…Ashes To Ashes…

Stuart Flane, Captain of the starship Mercury is called in unwillingly, kicking and screaming, to investigate the mystery of the ghost-ship Amundsen, which has just pitched up out of the black after being missing for 63 years. On top of that, Flane must also race to a mining colony where strange preternatural fuckery has resulted in six missing children and a series of inexplicable related events had left the subterranean city in a state of panic. What dark, aberrant secret lay behind the tangible terror of Caverna?

How would Flane’s skeptical superiors react to his next report – and above all, how would he word it? The word “carefully” always came to mind. What was he supposed to do – lie? Well, if he didn’t use apparent trigger words like “ghost”, “haunted” or “undead”, that’s pretty much what he’d have to do! Trouble was, some high-ups at Fleet HQ were starting to ask pointed questions about his reports – and sooner or later, Flane worried, someone was going to turn up demanding answers.

The astute Captain’s fears are realized when the Mercury is ordered to Starbase 43, where Commodore Link is waiting to ask a few questions about Flane’s reports. The Commodore, a dyed-in-the-wool skeptic and heavy-handed disciplinarian, makes it his business to interrogate and intimidate crewmembers referenced in Flane’s reports – at least, the ones who aren’t dead yet. Flane grumbles as Link’s investigation progressively turns his life into a bit of a miserable hell. Then, as if by coincidence, the Mercury is redirected to a nearby industrial colony to investigate disturbances at what – much to Flane’s acute embarrassment, turns out to be one of the most haunted hotels in the outblack.


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