About Panic! Horror In Space

An overview of the “Panic! Horror In Space” series (as told by Christina Engela):

“‘Panic’ is a series of science-fiction-horror stories featuring regular characters, with the occasional introduction of new characters or settings. The premise of the concept was to create a horror-sci-fi story in a series of connected short fiction installments.

Panic! Horror In Space #2 Front

The series came about by complete chance, when I was in the process of finishing off some incomplete short stories which I intended to put into a sequel for “Space Sucks!” called “Space Really Sucks!“. I took a high-school essay I wrote back in 1987 (“The Curse”) and rewrote it into a short story (“Mercury Rising“). My fiance’e (Wendy K. Gloss) deserves the credit for encouraging me to write a sequel (“Mercury Resurgent“) and turn it into a standalone sci-fi horror series!

Fellow South African sci-fi author Anike Kirsten reviewed that first story very positively in early 2017!

Reading is supposed to be fun, and if the writer enjoyed writing it, the reader will enjoy reading it. Panic is  fun to work on, and the feedback I’ve had from my readers has been very positive!”

Panic! Is set in The Galaxii Series universe, using many of the same settings, references and background material.

What Can Readers Expect From ‘Panic’?

Christina is known for her strong character writing and suspense, and is quickly making a name for herself in the horror genre as well! Things like zombies, ghosts, haunted or cursed objects as well as assorted kinds of paranormal activity are likely to feature in a variety of settings such as deserted colonies or outposts, and derelict space ships or stations.

Each volume contains two distinctly separate stories of around 13,000 words each, and these stories would not necessarily be of a ‘part 1 & part 2’ nature as in the first volume (April 2017). This means that while both stories in each volume would feature the same core group of characters, they would typically encounter a different scenario in each story, as in the later volumes.

The series was launched (April 06, 2017) with “Mercury Rising” and “Mercury Resurgent” appearing in the first volume (#1), where the reader is introduced to main characters Stuart Flane and Vic Chapman, and some of the crew of the ill-fated starship Mercury.  Most of the crew die in those two episodes anyway 😉 so it’s not worth mentioning them anywhere.

Volume #2 features “Dead Center” where Captain Flane and the regulars – and the (new) crew of the Mercury, have to ‘babysit’ a TV crew on a purportedly haunted abandoned mining facility with disastrous consequences.

Through A Dark Glassy” tells how the Mercury is sent to assist a cargo ship in trouble, only to discover that the cause for the loderunner Marconi’s distress – and now theirs – is a box-load of haunted items!

Volume #3 contains “Miora” and “The Big Rain”.

More stories are to follow in subsequent installments.

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About Panic! Horror In Space

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