Where Darkness Softly Treads


“Where Darkness Softly Treads” is the fourth book in The Galaxii Series, due to be released in 2017.

The story is about two women on different sides of a planetary civil war in a dystopian future. Both being officers in their respective armies, they come into contact with each other as liaisons. One is delivering advanced weaponry, more advanced than the Marcellans – the children of long-lost colonists from Earth – have ever seen. The other’s job is to take it back to her superiors. As a result of an attack by a third opposing military force, Captain Meri “Hal” Halloway’s shuttle is shot down and she finds herself captured by an enemy intelligence unit – the lone survivor of her team. Rescued by Lt. Nita Harrison and her squad of leather-necks, who take her back to their base for medical attention and recovery, Hal finds herself unexpectedly stranded for a while. As Hal awaits her return to one of the Terran ships in orbit, the story unfolds around Hal and Nita as she becomes involved in local affairs.

Already part-way written, I’m looking forward to finishing this one!

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