Now Available: The Galaxii Series Virtual Box Set! 

Get the Galaxii Series Virtual Box Set now! 

Action! Adventure! Space Opera!

The Galaxii Series is set in the not too distant future – at a time when an Earth shattered by a 21st century global nuclear war has risen from the ashes to become the seat of a peaceful and prosperous stellar Terran Empire. The series tells of the struggles and adventures of realistic characters, each with their own unique interests and obstacles to overcome: career-minded Space Fleet officers, solo adventurers and rogues, Corsairs – the space pirates who made the less-traveled space lanes perilous journeys to travel in their pursuit of wealth and fame – and aliens of all persuasions.

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The Galaxii Virtual Box Set contains:

  1. Blachart
  2. Demonspawn
  3. Dead Beckoning

The normal price to buy each title separately is $2 – or all 3 titles together is $6 – but you can have ALL 3 eBooks now in the box set for the special price of $5!

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