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“Words Of Wisdom”, Lectio Publishers 2014, poetry anthology compiled by Mpho Nkosi, Righardt le Roux, Phindi Radebe. Poem “Love Will Never Be The Same”, pgs 6-8.

ISBN-10: 1-4305-4044-3 / 1430540443
ISBN-13: 978-1-4305-4044-1 / 9781430540441

I’d love to say this item can be found somewhere online, or on Amazon.com, but it seems because it was commissioned by the (South African) Gauteng Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, it was essentially ‘self-published’ via a local text-book printing shop and is almost completely untraceable online.

The ISBN number doesn’t seem to exist on any real contactable online databases. The only search results that come up ANYWHERE are my own posts about it on this site and on Facebook! In fact, my scan of the cover could well be the ONLY image of this item online at all. Even more frustrating, none of the compilers appear to be replying to correspondence on this title either! *Shrugs*

At least one of my poems has made it into someone else’s book… 😉 …though why anyone would create an anthology, go to the effort of reviewing and selecting material and go to the expense of printing it without doing a shred of marketing or promotion or so much as a press release is quite beyond me.

For an author trying to get their work noticed, like myself, this lack of any apparent effort to market the work is frustrating.

I have no idea what the Department’s plans for it are, but it’s likely that if it is being used as a school textbook, it’s probably gone missing in action in some or other government school text book scandal. If you ever find a copy somewhere, hang on to it, bring it over and I’ll autograph it for you – it’s bound to be rare and may be worth something one day! 🙂

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