This is the page listing eBooks by Christina Engela, one of South Africa’s most unique and skilled storytellers. Christina brings a wealth of personal experience to each of her stories, having already written three distinct science fiction and horror series and also several non-fiction titles. She is best known for her realistic characterization and for casting fully-fleshed-out LGBT characters in leading roles. With several new offerings already in the pipeline, including several standalone titles, 2020 is bound to be a busy year for her fans!

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Portfolio 2020!

I thought it would be nice if I could produce a neat, organized catalog of all my books that interested parties could download and browse – a free, distributable and shareable catalog, and so I created “Portfolio 2020!” – a listing of all my currently available titles!

Portfolio is more than that though, because it also contains a biography as well as synopses for most of my titles – and I have a plan to update it regularly, perhaps on an annual basis! Portfolio 2020 is available as a free download from my website.

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The Galaxii Series

The Quantum Series


Panic! Horror In Space

Space Sucks!

Standalone Novels





Edited by Christina Engela


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