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Although Christina Engela began making up and writing stories literally as soon as she could hold a wax crayon, she only really began writing short stories at high school. Since her first language is English, the majority of her works are in that language – however, she has also written short fiction in Afrikaans. Quite often, Christina would write a composition in English class on one day, and then simply re-write the exact same story in Afrikaans class, the next. Languages have always been her forte’.

Consequently,  most short stories listed below will also be made available in Afrikaans, and then later translated into various languages as time goes by.

The List

The following are short stories (* One act plays) by Christina Engela:

  1. Mercury Rising (The Curse) (1987)
  2. Code Red (1988)
  3. U.F.O. (1988)
  4. The Sickle (1989)
  5. Villa Of Terror* (1989)
  6. The Traitor Loyal* (1990)
  7. Dysfunxion (1990)
  8. The Devils in The Sky (1993)
  9. A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance Corporal Thomas O’Blivion (1995)
  10. Beyond (1998)
  11. Innocent Minds (2006)
  12. I, Mac (2006)
  13. Homecoming (2010)
  14. Space Vacation (2014)
  15. Little Green Men (2014)
  16. The Thirteenth Ship (2014)
  17. Midnight Station (2014)
  18. Death By Vampire (2015)
  19. Overkill (2015)
  20. Barracuda! (2015)
  21. Lange’s Legacy
  22. Wiggle Room (2015)
  23. When Darkness Calls (2016)
  24. Interstellar Vacations Inc
  25. Mercury Resurgent (2017)
  26. The Big Rain
  27. Through A Dark Glassy
  28. Dead Center (2017)

Publishing History

The Devils in The Sky“, “A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance Corporal Thomas O’Blivion“, “Beyond“, “Innocent Minds“, and “I, Mac” appeared in a collection of sci-fi works by Christina Engela titled “Space Sux” released by Christina Engela in 2006 (First Edition).

Beyond” appeared in “For Love of Leelah“, a JEA anthology in February 2015.

Homecoming” appeared in “Autumn Burning: Dreadtime Stories For The Wicked Soul” – a Halloween anthology by various authors, published in October 2014.

Space Vacation” appeared in “Fearotica“- an anthology of erotic horror stories published in September 2015. It was also released as a standalone title in ebook and paperback formats in May 2016.

The Thirteenth Ship” appeared in “Inanna Rising” – an anthology of short stories published in February 2015.

Midnight Station” appeared in “All That Remains” – an anthology of short stories published in August 2015.

Wiggle Room” appeared in “M v F: Death Personified” – an anthology of short stories published in February 2016.

The Devils in The Sky“, “A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance Corporal Thomas O’Blivion“, “Beyond“, “I, Mac“, “Little Green Men“, “The Thirteenth Ship“, “Midnight Station” and “Death By Vampire” appeared in “Space Sucks!“, a collections of short stories by Christina Engela in May 2016 (Second Edition, complete redraft).

I, Mac” was selected by a panel of judges in 2015 to appear in “The #Coinage Book: Journal Of New South African Writing“, published in October 2016.

Mercury Rising” and “Mercury Resurgent” appear in “Panic! Horror In Space #1“, part 1 of Christina Engela’s new “Panic! Horror In Space” series, published in April 2017.

Autumn Burning - Christina Engela contributorInanna Rising - Christina Engela contributorFor Love Of Leelah - Christina Engela contributorFearotica - Christina Engela contributorAll That Remains - Christina Engela contributorM v F Death Personified - Christina Engela contributor - SmlSpace Vacation Lulu - CopyFront

Interesting statistics:

Short stories by Christina Engela that have not yet been published at all, are “Code Red“, “U.F.O.“, “The Sickle“, “Villa Of Terror“, “The Traitor Loyal“, “Dysfunxion“, “Overkill“, “Barracuda” and “When Darkness Calls“.

Short stories by Christina Engela that have not yet been published outside of collections by Christina Engela herself, are “The Devils in The Sky“, “A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance Corporal Thomas O’Blivion“, “Little Green Men” and “Death By Vampire“.


  1. Mercury Rising (The Curse)” – The last thing Stuart Flanagan, captain of the Mercury, expected while he and five members of his crew worked to discover the answer to an enigma, was a day-long running battle inside the bowels of the moldering corpse of a long-vanished loderunner. (1987) This is the first episode in the “Panic: Horror In Space” series.
  2. Code Red” – After an unexpected battle in orbit over a strange planet, the crew of the surviving Saman battlecruiser land to repair their damage – and to look for a good spot to plant the flag of the Saman Empire. (1988)
  3. U.F.O.” – . (1988)
  4. The Sickle” – . (1989)
  5. Villa Of Terror” – . (1989)
  6. The Traitor Loyal” – . (1990)
  7. Dysfunxion” – . (1990)
  8. The Devils In The Sky” – a ship on deep space patrol is attacked by an unknown alien warship. (1993)
  9. A Really Bad Day In The Life Of Lance-Corporal Thomas O’Blivion” – an entertaining and comical tale about the adventures of a young security guard on a space station. (1995)
  10. Beyond” – The commander of Earth’s first interstellar flight is recalled because it is discovered she is transgender. (1998)
  11. Innocent Minds” – An attempt at a children’s story, involving guns, roaches, a few guitars – and lots of gratuitous violins (don’t ask) – goes hopelessly wrong. (2006)
  12. I, Mac” – The hilarious tale of an insurance salesman exacting revenge on his abusive childhood bully of a cousin when the cousin drops in for a visit unannounced. (2006)
  13. Homecoming” – A romantic Halloween tale involving a young vampire and her erstwhile love interest. (2010) Winner of the E-Book Diva Contest, 2010.
  14. Space Vacation” – A really engaging space murder mystery involving a large space-liner, 5000 people – and vampires. This is Christina’s longest ‘short’ story ever, at over  14000 words. (2014).
  15. Little Green Men” – A diplomatic mission to recover the bodies of some clowns who crashed there on the way to a convention takes a sour turn on a small planet inhabited by strange little green men who don’t like to be laughed at by tall aliens with exposed shins… (2014).
  16. The Thirteenth Ship” – A romantic and tragic vampire tale. (2014)
  17. Midnight Station” – A spellbinding romantic encounter between two vampires who haven’t seen each other in 50 years. (2014)
  18. Death By Vampire” – an interplanetary double agent brokering a trade-off of blood-diamonds in return for 100 Terran hostages gets more than he bargained for. (2015)
  19. Overkill” – a brief look at the origins of Mykl d’Angelo – the Siege of Adamsville on the planet Eden.
  20. Barracuda!” – a look at the younger Mykl d’Angelo’s experiences as an air-ace in the Edenian Civil War.
  21. “Lange’s Legacy.”
  22. Wiggle Room” – the author’s very first attempt at writing in the horror genre, as an entry for an in-house writing contest ‘Guys versus Girls’ held in July 2015. This is a story involving a scary old hospital, a nurse, a scalpel, a bedpan, and a dark and stormy night.
  23. When Darkness Calls” – the author relates how a group of young people brave a haunted house and otherworldly entities to save a mutual friend, their experiences – and the consequences.
  24. “Interstellar Vacations Inc”.
  25. Mercury Resurgent” – the second episode in the “Panic: Horror In Space” series.
  26. “The Big Rain”, not yet complete.
  27. “Through A Dark Glassy” – the fourth episode in the “Panic: Horror In Space” series.
  28. “Dead Center” – the third episode in the “Panic: Horror In Space” series.
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