Dead Center


Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy/horror

Length: 13078 words.

Type: short story, series.

“Dead Center” by Christina Engela appears:

  • in “Panic! Horror In Space #2” a collection of horror sci-fi series of short stores by Christina Engela.

“Dead Center” is the third in a series of sci-fi horror short stories that will form the “Panic: Horror In Space” series featuring the same characters in different stories.

Back Cover:

“Of all the starships in the elite Terran Space Fleet, the I.S.S. Mercury is probably the unluckiest ship in history. Not once, not twice, but many times over, the same hapless crew – give or take a few dozen casualties – on a supposed voyage of deep space exploration, stumble into the weird, wake the creepy and trip over the downright terrifying and possibly even supernatural…”

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“Some people enjoy watching paranormal TV shows – but not Stuart Flane, captain of the Terran starship Mercury. Having just narrowly missed being a ghost – or worse, himself – after a weird incident involving reanimated corpses and alien nanobots, Flane wanted nothing to do with playing host to a bunch of paranormal investigators for a popular TV show called ‘Specter Adventures‘. Neither did he fancy a 12 hour jaunt on Floridia-7, which was described by some as ‘the most haunted abandoned Terran outpost in the galaxy‘ – but since he owed Commodore Peters for covering his ass after he lost nearly his entire crew to the zoms, he reluctantly agreed. And that, pretty much, is where things started going off the rails.”

The abandoned mine administration buildings on Floridia-7.

Mak Sagan was pursued by Satan’s wheelie-chair!


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