Genre: Sci-fi/fantasy/horror

Length:  11062 words.

Type: short story, series.

“Miora” by Christina Engela appears:

“Miora” is the latest in a series of sci-fi horror short stories that form the “Panic: Horror In Space” series featuring the same characters in different stories.

Back Cover:

“After a few hair-raising assignments – and some even more harsh treatment at the hands of his sceptical superiors, Captain Flane and the crew of the Terran starship Mercury were only too happy to be sent on a truly mind-numbingly boring assignment: to survey and catalogue every planet, moon, asteroid and speck of space-dust in a previously unexplored star system. There, on a long-dead world scarred by an ancient war of self-anhilation, they discover a deserted alien ship on the surface, stranded since the great calamity that ended the burgeoning civilization that once lived there. The fact that Flane’s best friend and executive officer, Commander Vic Chapman, got all aflap about detecting life on board that ship, didn’t make things any easier.”

Just another day aboard the ISS Mercury…

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“Captain Flane, Vic and Dr Killian visit an alien space ship abandoned on the surface of a world destroyed thousands of years before in a cataclysmic war that left the surface barren and dead. Surprisingly, there are animals and plants alive on board the wrecked alien ship, which still has power enough to operate life support systems… but there are nearly 400 corpses in a storage bay, and the mysterious Miora… is she a survivor? Is the story told by the young woman who has lived in isolation most of her life, caring for the plants and animals, true? As Flane and his colleagues investigate, they find that things are not quite as they seem to be…”

Standard Copyright License, © Christina Engela 2017 – present.

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