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Hi there! Say – did you know about all the wonderful FREE short stories, previews and “about” material that you can download for FREE and enjoy? 🙂 That’s right – there are fifteen free items available, including short stories and guides! Both, aside from being entertaining, will help you learn more about characters or the settings of Galaxii, Quantum or Panic! Horror In Space!

Some of these are brand new and have been read by very few people yet, and all of these items relate to my three series: The Galaxii SeriesThe Quantum Series, and Panic! Horror In Space!

Have a look, download, and enjoy!


(Click on the cover images to download.)

I’ve been releasing a lot of new FREE short story previews, samples (and 2 “about” info guides) lately, to achieve my goal of having three free samples and previews for each of my three main series.

Now that I’ve reached my goal, it’s unlikely that I’ll be putting up any more like that for a while! You’ll see them all displayed above – just click on the covers to find out more about the individual titles, or to download any you fancy!

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