New Release: “African Assignment” by Theo Engela

Another re-release – “African Assignment” a collection of short stories by my father, Theo Engela, edited by me. Previously published by myself (2007), then by J. Ellington Ashton (2015), and later by LightBearer Publishing (2016), the fifth edition is now available via

“Theo Engela’s short stories were written during the 1950’s and 60’s, and set in the South African bushveld and society of the day, providing a fresh look at a world now long vanished. Using imagery and place names unfamiliar to folk living in the 21st century, the author shows us a simpler, less complicated world filled with wonder and mystery, where crime could still be perfect and the world lived fearfully under the ever-present threat of the Cold War. Mesmerizing African folklore and almost-vanished cultures stand side by side. Rounded off in his own unique style, he displays a biting sense of humor and irony in his work, which would probably not seem out of place in a Hitchcock serial or even in the Twilight Zone.” More

New Release: “African Assignment”

This past week, ‘African Assignment‘, my dad’s collection of short stories, was released via LightBearer Publishing – which is based in Johannesburg, South Africa – now available via Amazon.

Although my dad carried the heavy burden of a long traditional family name – namely ‘Theodorus Cornelius Landman Engela’, he preferred to go by ‘Theo Engela’.  A humble and cultured man from humble but honorable beginnings, over his lifetime (1930-1985), he became fairly well-known (locally) as a South African author. During the 1960’s and 70’s, numerous short stories written by him appeared in radio dramatizations on Springbok Radio (SABC) produced by Michael Mc Cabe, with numerous mentions in the radio news publications and local newspapers over the years. More

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