New Release: “Dead Beckoning” Book 3 in the Galaxii Series

A brand new re-release of “Dead Beckoning is now available – jam-packed with new material and color illustrations (in the eBook versions)!

Order: Paperback (Lulu) / eBook (Lulu) / eBook (Smashwords)


  • Published: Second Edition, June 12, 2018
  • Pages: 158
  • Words: 51,980 (Flowing Text eBook)
  • Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
  • Dimensions (inches): 6×9″ tall (US Trade)

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New Release: Galaxii – Into The Abyss

“Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is an omnibus of The Galaxii Series titles 1,2 and 3, containing “Blachart“, “Demonspawn” and “Dead Beckoning“.

Due to the variation in international markets and differing distribution marketing requirements, it has been necessary to reissue some titles in various series in different print formats. As a firm believer that the 4.25 wide x 6.88 tall “pocketbook” size is the appropriate size for “real” novels, I find it disappointing that some international distributors do not accept this size, favoring the 6″x 9″ format instead. It is larger for one thing, and as a result decreases page count, making books that were traditionally “long enough” to pack a decent-sized novel in the proper size, seem much smaller and less appealing in the 6×9 format.

At 363 pages in the new format, the print paperback copy containing all three stories in the Galaxii Series still works out cheaper than buying all three titles separately! Hopefully the new size will allow bookstores in South Africa to start stocking this title on their shelves soon! “Galaxii – Into The Abyss” is available only in paperback and the original separate titles in pocketbook size – as well as the separate ebook versions will continue to be available. More

Crisp, Quality Books Delivered To Your Door!


This morning my bell rang, and I opened the front door to find a Fedex courier holding a delivery for me from the Netherlands! One modest-sized package, containing – what? Why, a copy of one of my own books of course!

I’ve been buying one of each of my books – after all, it just wouldn’t do to not have at least one of each of them on my own shelf, would it? Anyway, so this morning I got a copy of “Black Sunrise” – in very nice condition too – perfect, in fact!

Lulu’s print quality is quite simply brilliant! The cover is glossy, thick, and the colors bright and every line is crisp and clear! The pages are brilliant white, the print clear and perfect – and it smells just like a freshly printed book should!

Having already received copies of “Blachart” (2 copies), “Demonspawn“, “Dead Beckoning” and “Space Vacation“, I have absolutely no doubts about the printing quality of Lulu’s books, or the reliability of their delivery system!


I can’t wait to get my copies of “Space Sucks!“, “The Time Saving Agency“, “Dead Man’s Hammer” and “Loderunner” – they’re next!


So don’t you fret, don’t delay – head on over to the Crow Bar to order one today!

Ebook Specials!

Ebooks by Christina Engela are now available at $5 – with first titles in the Galaxii Series and Quantum Series going for the specially reduced price of $2.50!
Ebooks are in Kindle format, readable on most mobile devices and PC! Get yours now! 🙂

Two Up, One To Go!

Hello to all from a cold, windy, wet Friday in Port Elizabeth! 🙂
In case you missed it, yesterday I re-released the first two titles in the Galaxii Series, “Blachart” and “Demonspawn”. They had come down from Amazon after my previous publisher released me from all contracts. They did so because they had decided to focus exclusively on ‘pure horror’ instead of the diverse genres they had built up. Since my works are generally in the sci-fi/fantasy field, with an occasional touch of horror, I found myself stuck without a publisher (again), and decided to return to self-publishing.
Covers by the inimitable Susan Simone.
The Quantum Series, which I had taken down in anticipation of being published by that publisher, went back up via the publishing site in May, and I am happy to add that the Galaxii Series is now up there as well.
I hope to publish title three in the Galaxii Series before Monday. “Dead Beckoning” follows on from “Demonspawn” and includes characters from both previous books in that series. It is an exciting novel about space pirates – the Corsairs!
In the meantime, I wish you all a fantastic weekend – and you can scratch around the Crow Bar’s shop – ‘The Top Shelf’ for something to read! 🙂

Catch Them While You Can

Good morning, friends 🙂
Those of you who have been following current events in my life and writing career will know that my publisher (JEA) has downsized and cut out all non-horror writers and titles from their listing, meaning that I will be seeking a new home for the three Galaxii Series novels already with them, as well as my dad’s short story anthology “African Assignment“.
In the meantime, you may also remember that “Bugspray” (my book about VW Beetles) was published a few months ago by LightBearer Publishing, based in Midrand. You may also recall that I recently announced splitting my Galaxii series into two new series (the Galaxii Series and the Quantum Series) in order to make adding more titles easier for me. LightBearer has been busy editing and formatting “Black Sunrise” – the first title in the Quantum Series – for a while, and that should be released soon. Meanwhile, I am negotiating with them about taking on the Galaxii Series as well, once I have received all the work files from JEA.
The items published through JEA are still available on (although I don’t know for how long) so if you’re looking for what is sure to be a ‘limited edition collector’s item’ in future, you know where to look! (On my Amazon page).

Sad News

My dear fans,

As you know by now, I’m a writer living in South Africa. For over twenty years I’ve been struggling to get a foot in the door as a writer, having worked the self-publishing route for thirteen of those years. I write a peculiar blend of sci-fi/fantasy/horror, sometimes using vampire characters in sci-fi situations. I also write some LGBT characters since I am part of that community as well. As I’m sure you also know, getting published while writing material of that nature in today’s world is not as simple or easy as people may think.

In 2014 I was lucky enough to sign with a new traditional publisher based in Texas, who agreed to re-release all of my completed works under their label. The publisher was new and popular and grew quickly – too quickly perhaps, to be able to handle the workload. Some of you may have noticed over the past year, the output from that press seemed to diminish – as a result of the staff becoming swamped with work. Something had to give, and apparently, something finally did.

This past week I received news from the publisher that they are downsizing, narrowing their focus to publish pure horror material only. They are letting all their non-horror writers go, including me, giving releases for all our contracted works. This morning, I returned the signed release form for “Blachart”, “Demonspawn”, “Dead Beckoning” and my dad’s anthology “African Assignment”.

What this means is that my books will be taken down from while I negotiate with another publisher to take me on. They are still up for now, and I have no idea when they will come down and the master material forwarded to me. However, once this is wrapped up, the new publisher will put the books back up on Amazon. Of course, this means that none of the purchasing links on my posts or other ads will be valid anymore, since they will be effectively ‘unpublished’ until this process is finalized. As you can imagine, having to make alterations to each cover and each manuscript to reflect a change in publishers and editions etc, takes a little time.

Like those of you (however few you may be) who follow my postings and are truly interested and supportive of my writing and my writing career, I will be waiting impatiently to get everything up on Amazon again in order to get back in the game.

Thank you to J.Ellington Ashton Press for the opportunity you gave me, and for the experience – and the friendships I gained that I would not have otherwise had.

I apologize to those who enjoy my writing, for the inconvenience and for the disappointment – believe me, I am disappointed as well! This isn’t over – this is just a slight set back. I will keep you all informed of progress in this matter.

All the best!

Christina Engela

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