Do Satanists Worship The Devil? An Academic Reflection

Good morning friends and fans!

Normally I post about my fiction writing, but today I’m posting about my non-fiction writing! “Satanism: The Acid Test” is an academic paper I wrote back in 2013 – an academic paper addressing misconceptions about the occult. Why? Why, you may ask, would I write about so contentious and perhaps provocative a subject?

Why indeed.

Well, because people deserve to know the truth, and because it’s really annoying when people misjudge and even persecute others based on not only their own ignorant assumptions – but also based on their tacit agreement with lies and deliberate fabrications spread by others! People deserve to form their own informed opinions based upon facts rather than superstition and spurious claims made by snake-oil salesmen. The choice is still up to them whether or not they are to accept the facts in place of the years of intensive and one-sided programming they have received.

Why would I share this? Well… because I was the chief researcher and writer for the group that sponsored this paper… and because someone sent me an email early this morning wanting to know the truth about Satanism – particularly in the light of what Christian evangelicals who have never spent even five minutes as actual Satanists – say it is. To find out for yourself, read on. More →