News From The Crow Bar #1 – Jan 2017

christina-engela-2Good morning, fans and friends!

My PA (and long suffering girlfriend) Kay (a.k.a. Wendy K. Gloss) suggested that I start doing a newsletter – so, this being my first newsletter, Number One, Nommer Een, Numero Uno, I’d firstly like to thank she whose latest personal mantra has become “Ow, my everything!” – for being my muse, my marketing manager and promoter, my main support – and the love of my life!

After spending almost every spare moment since October working on the next three books in the Quantum Series, I was getting a little frazzled. I hope you all will forgive me for taking a break over December-January! I really needed it, and since I was on holiday at home this year, Kay and I spent more time doing things in line with our actual hobbies, such as (in her case) art, and in my case, D.I.Y. stuff around our refuge – Fort Engela!

Thanks to all my readers, fans, and friends for your support over the past year. 2016 was a bit of a struggle, I’d say, globally – and it’s time for some change! I’d like to officially wish all of you a very prosperous and happy new year – may 2017 be all we hope it can be!

This newsletter will be sent out periodically – I’d like to say quarterly even, but it’s likely it will not be timed so exactly – more than likely, it will be sent out as time allows! That said, if you would like to be added to the mailing list – or if you would like to suggest this newsletter to anyone, please feel free to email us at

Oh, and I almost forgot! Here’s your



A Complicated Affair!

Hi there, Facebook.

I think we need to have a little chat.

I’ve only added about 40 new users YESTERDAY – and only tried to add ONE new user a few minutes ago – to find out that you have blocked me from adding people to my group AGAIN.

Look, I think this is getting a little ridiculous, don’t you? I mean, I’m a writer – how am I supposed to grow my fan group if I can’t add people on my friends list to my group?

Sure, I can accept their friend adds, but how am I supposed to find them later on when I need to add them to my group – assuming that you let me do so? I accept about 150 to 200 friend adds per day… how long do you expect me to wait before adding them to my fan group?

Funny enough, you didn’t seem to care when I added 2 or 3 hundred people a day last month. Now all of a sudden, things are moving “too fast”? Are we in a relationship I didn’t know about?  😛

How “fast” is “too fast”? What do you use to determine the speed a group “should” grow? Should I add one user every year perhaps? One per month? Is there an algorithm that determines an hourly rate of adding people to groups? Anyway, what’s the worst that could happen? Perhaps your servers need an upgrade if your wheels start vibrating loose when Christina Engela adds another 60-odd new members to her group?

Again, why have a feature if you are going whine about people USING it?  😉

Thank you.

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