Why The Combination Blaster-Comlink Was A Bad Idea

In case anyone was ever wondering why the combination blaster-comlink never went mainstream 😉


Art: From Pencil Sketch To Color Illustration!

Over the past few days I posted a couple of illustrations I did of some of my stories. Today I did a few more and I thought it would be interesting to show you the progress of one image from sketch to colored image.


Art: The Completed Images!

Hello fans!

Earlier today I posted a preview of some illustrations I did based on some of my stories. I’d just took pictures of them with my phone, and promised to post the completed versions tonight after I’d scanned and colored them. 🙂 (I linked it above so you can open it and compare.) The black and white versions will also go into my coloring and activity book, but meanwhile, here are the completed colorized images.

Any guesses as to which stories they’re from yet? 😉



Art: Some Random Illustrations!

Hello fans!

Here’s a preview of some illustrations I’m doing. I just took pictures of them with my phone, but I’ll post the completed versions tonight after I’ve scanned and colored them. 🙂 The black and white versions will also go into my next coloring and activity book in 2018.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to guess which of my stories these come from, you’re welcome to 🙂

Christina. More

Fun Fact: About Those Flatular Canaries…

Flatular Canaries are another odd species of bird on Deanna, the main setting of tales told in the Quantum Series. These little feathered oddities are small, about the size of a tennis ball, and covered in light gray feathers.
The head is topped with longer, looser, much darker feathers that give the creatures a frazzled, ‘blown-up’ sort of appearance. Their beaks are short and sharp, and they tend to favor Ribold Berries and Rabid Beans in their diet – which goes a long way to explain their name.
Flatular canaries have no vocal chords, so the origin of their name should not be too hard to guess! During mating season, flatular canaries are known to swell to twice their normal size and their unique mating calls have been recorded by amateur birders from all over the Terran Empire.

New Release: Ramalama-Side Up! A Coloring Adventure

Ramalama-Side Up! A Coloring Adventure” by  Christina Engela has just been released! This item is an eBook comprising 72 printable black & white illustrations ready for coloring inspired by Christina Engela’s writing, and 5 puzzles (answer sheets at the back – no cheating!)

Get “Ramalama-Side Up! A Coloring Adventure“: A FREE downloadable and printable coloring and activity book, er – for BIG kids, as well as little kids.

Color-in images from stories in The Galaxii Series, The Quantum Series and Panic! Horror In Space!

Remember: Keep that Ramalama-side up!


What Is There To “Panic” About? Really? Well, This…

[Updated August 23, 2019] In April 2017 I announced a new series which I called “Panic! Horror In Space“.

Panic! currently consists of two volumes, “Static” and “Life Signs“, with the third on the way. There are also three short story previews of the series available as free promotional items (links at the bottom of this article).

So now the fanfare is done, so what, you may be asking yourself, is there to panic about? Let me tell you: More

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