Sinotec SJ86C LED Projector Review

I’ve had two of these devices in the last 2 years, and they make a bit of a story as you will see.

I bought the first Sinotec SJ86C in January 2019 at Game for around R3400. It looked very nice, had a cool black and white case and came loaded with great features and connectivity. The bulb life (rated at over 24000 hours) also stood out for me, as I hate things die on me and having to buy the same old appliances over and over again every five years or so. I like quality for my budget, and who doesn’t?

And what a nice machine this was – the picture was large and crystal clear! The remote and menu were easy to figure out and get accustomed to. We quickly grew used to enjoying our favorite movies and series on it. Unfortunately, there was trouble in the offing. It’s hard to believe just how much.

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