Fun Fact: Flortians – The Real ‘Little Green Men’

Flort is a small planet inhabited by humanoids roughly at about the same level of development as Earth in the 1950s. To Terrans, the Flortians resemble the ‘little green men’ they know from old fashioned cartoons, and this makes any dealings with them extremely complicated – because Flortians are unbelievably bad-tempered, warlike little beings who didn’t like being laughed at after every other sentence. More

Little Green Men – Another New Short Story!

Ever written something that made you laugh out loud at the imaginary setting in your own mind? Well, last night that happened to me!

I started writing a short story – and for once it was a SHORT story. ‘Little Green Men’ is 5 pages A4 and 1341 words long, and it’s the shortest one I’ve done so far – and yesterday morning I put the finishing touches to what is the longest short story I’ve ever written. ‘Space Vacation’ (41 pages A4 and 14,079 words long). Together, these stories represent the two extremes in my short story writing, and the fun I have while writing, and my passion for it!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

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