Just Released! “High Steaks”, book 6 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela

Newly released on this morning, 1 June 2017, is my 12th completed, published novel, “High Steaks” – which is book 6 in the Quantum Series! After a gap of many years between book 4 “Loderunner” (2007) and book 5 “Prodigal Sun” released in February 2017, it’s been a privilege (and a heck of a lot of fun) to continue the adventures of characters I created and grew very fond of back in 2003!

“High Steaks” continues a new adventure begun in the previous book “Prodigal Sun”, and introduces fascinating new characters as well as expanding on many different detail aspects of the quaint Terran colony of Deanna!


Coming Soon: High Steaks

Coming Soon – in June 2017!

The story so far:

Prodigal Sun” begins the tale. Troubled times have come to the small backwater Terran Colony planet of Deanna.

Having amusing names for its sun (Ramalama) and two moons (Ding and Dong) have not made this quaint little world immune to bad things – not even having a small moon famous for falling down occasionally… and bad things are afoot indeed. More

Another Round @ The Crow Bar #3 – Mar 2017


Hello friends and fans!

February was an exciting month for us over at the Crow Bar!

I decided to make a few changes for this newsletter – a result of figuring out what works and what doesn’t – it’s a learning process as I’m sure you will realize! I thought that instead of “News From The Crow Bar”, something that lends itself more to a play on words relating to the Crow Bar would be more appropriate! I decided on “Another Round @ The Crow Bar“, so here we are – enjoying another (third) round together at the aforementioned establishment!

You may also notice the wonderful new header image at the top of the newsletter – which comes courtesy of Focus Mid-South Magazine (with thanks and appreciation to Joan Allison and Sarah Rutledge Fischer) out of Tennessee in the U.S. of A. – but more about that later!

Coming up in this edition of News From The Crow Bar, I will talk about the completion of final edits to two new titles in the Quantum Series, the release of “Prodigal Sun“, various submissions to anthologies and writing contests, and a couple of stunning reviews of my work received in the past month! More

NEW RELEASE: “Prodigal Sun”

prodigal-sun-frontProdigal Sun“, book 5 in The Quantum Series, is finally available!

Since it has only just been released, it will at first only be available on  Lulu, but  in the next few weeks they should start appearing on Amazon, Goodreads, Kobo (prices in ZAR sa-flag ), LybraryiTunesNook, eBookMall and Indigo – and in fact everywhere you can find all my books!

Here are purchase links to the book: Paperback/ Kindle

In the meantime, if you want to know more detail about the story being told in “Prodigal Sun“, you can find more info here: What Readers Can Expect In “Prodigal Sun”, “High Steaks” & “The Last Hurrah”.

I hope those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the fifth title in the Quantum Series will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Here is the book trailer video:


“Prodigal Sun” – Book 5 In Quantum Series Releasing Tomorrow!

prodigal-sun-frontProdigal Sun” – book 5 in The Quantum Series is due to be released on Friday February 24, 2017! That’s in less than 24 hours time!

I hope those of you who have been eagerly awaiting the fifth title in the Quantum Series will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Here is the book trailer video:


What Readers Can Expect In “Prodigal Sun”, “High Steaks”, “Fortitude” & “The Last Hurrah”

[NOTE: This article has been updated since it was originally published to reflect the addition of a fourth title to this next span of Quantum Series stories! Also, since this article is about a span of books within a series, some of which have yet to be published, be prepared to see it being referred to a lot in the future as it comes to subsequent release dates of the next three titles!]

As most of my readers will be aware, since 2016 I’ve been promoting the next span of upcoming titles in the Quantum Series! Through various updates and newsletters, I’ve kept you all informed about my progress in writing these four books – more or less simultaneously! As you can imagine, it has been a gargantuan task! I’m happy to tell you that the first one, “Prodigal Sun” (published February 23, 2017) is already available, and the second “High Steaks“, is ready to go to print (beginning of June 2017)!  The third title in this span, “Fortitude“, should be ready in another six months.

In the meantime, I thought I would go into a little more detail about the story being told across these four books – “Prodigal Sun“, “High Steaks“, “Fortitude” and “The Last Hurrah” – books 5,6,7 and 8 in the Quantum Series! More

News From The Crow Bar #2 – Feb 2017

christina-engela-2Good morning, fans and friends!

Since starting the new year after a nice holiday break, I’ve hit the ground running as the saying goes – fortunately I have managed to not break or twist anything vital in the process, and have more or less managed to keep going in the direction I intended back in December!

In my first newsletter, in January, I gave a lot of detail about what I was up to in my writing projects, but this time, I will try to cut down and focus on items I am currently working on in the short term.

And now, let me bring you up to speed on news about my writing projects so far! More

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