A Visit To The Archives!

Yesterday I went through my old writing archive. ‘What’s that?’ you might wonder – and more importantly, why would I even have one?
Well, to give you an idea, like most writers today I create my stories and edit and format them on a PC. In fact, since I started writing on a PC back in 2003, life has been much easier for me as a writer – not to mention lighter! Of course it wasn’t always this way – before that, I used to do it the old-fashioned way, with paper and a pen – lots and lots of paper as it turns out!
I used to scribble notes to myself about quick story ideas, funny quips or cool ideas on odd little bits of paper so I wouldn’t forget them, then later add some more ideas to it – in the form of more bits of paper of course – and perhaps even add a story plan… or two! If I was feeling particularly creative that day, I might also have added a couple of sketches, maybe a map or technical drawings – and so on! Naturally, since I started writing when I was very young, around seven – and I did a lot of writing even before I switched over to doing it on PC’s – this means I generated a lot of writing-related material between 1980 and 2003!


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