LGBT Heroes #2: the “T” in LGBT

In this article I’ll be delving a little deeper into a few of my transgender characters. More

LGBT Heroes #1: the “G” in LGBT

I’ve spoken at length before about my reasons for writing about LGBT characters – and specifically about being transgender and lesbian and how this enriches my writing, particularly with regard to how it influences my portrayal of LGBT characters. I’ve spent some time talking about my transgender characters, specifically Cindy-Mei Winter (the Quantum Series) and Marsha (Galaxii series, “Dead Beckoning“) to name just two. In this article I’ll be introducing you to a few of my gay characters. More

“When Day Is Done” by Yvonne Lorraine Engela

Now available – “When Day Is Done” by Yvonne Lorraine Engela (edited by Christina Engela), a volume containing 81 poems by a previously unknown South African poet.

Christina Engela is proud to present an unknown and talented new South African poet to the world: her mother – Yvonne Lorraine Engela. More

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