Another Round At The Crow Bar #43 July 2020

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Welcome to my 43rd newsletter – July 2020!


Another Round At The Crow Bar #42 June 2020

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Guest Writer #1: Alun Heini Brown

Welcome, readers – to the first in a series of posts called “Guest Writers” – featuring writers from around the world.

Today it’s my privilege to welcome Alun Heini Brown, a writer from the UK!

Alun will tell you more about himself and his writing in his own words! More

It’s About Time

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Another Round At The Crow Bar #41 May 2020

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Another Round At The Crow Bar #40 April 2020

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A Plethora Of Books!

Looking for something new to read? Do you enjoy science fiction? Horror? Both occasionally intermingled? Sometimes with a touch of humor? Hold on then – this is the place for you!

Christina Engela is one of South Africa’s most unique and skilled storytellers, bringing a wealth of personal experience to each of her stories, having already written four distinct science fiction and horror series and also several non-fiction titles. She is best known for her realistic characterization and for casting fully-fleshed-out LGBT characters in leading roles. With several new offerings already in the pipeline, including several standalone titles, 2020 is bound to be a busy year for her fans!

All titles are available as eBooks, with most also available as paperbacks!

(Click on the cover images to view product pages for each title.) More

Read “Duck Blind” by Christina Engela!

“Now just you rest here a while!” Mandy told Charlie once they arrived at what Charlie had thought until then was his cabin on Freedom. He checked the number on the door to confirm – it was the same one. It even clicked, hissed and slid aside in the same disconcerting way. Inside, the cabin looked exactly as he’d left it that morning – couch and throw all messed up – bed still nicely straight, shower towel draped across the top of the closed toilet in the adjacent bathroom. The only differences he noticed were details he’d ostensibly missed that morning – like a silky pink nightgown hung inside the wardrobe, visible through the open wardrobe door with the mirror on the inside – and at the foot of the bed lay a pair of maroon fluffy slippers that looked like a pair of neatly taxidermied matching alien caterpillars. He’d also failed to notice the second toothbrush in the glass by the bathroom mirror earlier.

Everything around him – everywhere on this…ship seemed to be in its place, to belong – except for him!

“This can’t be happening.” Charlie murmured as Mandy assisted him onto the bed like an invalid. “My name’s Charles Branson… people call me Charlie! It’s May 19, 2025 – a Saturday – and I’m a facilitator for Interstellar Vacations LLC – and there’s no such thing as space liners, or time travel!”
“No,” Mandy corrected, leaning over him. “It’s the first of February, 2773 – a Thursday. You’re Andy Niksn, Captain of one of the finest space liners between the Sol System to Quantum Eternica – my boss, and the man I love!” She laid a kiss on his startled lips, and to his surprise, he kissed her back.
“The 28th century?” He asked.
“Only for another 27 years.” Mandy Fringle joked, pulling herself closer.
“Really? What happens then?”
“Then it’ll be the 29th century, silly!” She giggled.
“So if this is really 2773,” He muttered, “I’ve got a shit-load of catching up to do!”
“I’m sure.” She smiled, relaxing. “And you’re off to a very good start!”

Back in Charlie’s world – universe, reality, whatever – Phil Pots had made sure there were plenty of clauses in IV’s HR policy to make fraternization between employees – or even worse – between management and employees, as difficult as possible! In fact, Phil had made sure Charlie’d read them, and signed them TWICE to make sure!

Even he – Charlie Branson, who had quite the self-image as a bit of a Don Juan and cock of the walk – paled at the thought of losing his shares as penalty for dallying with an Interstellar Vacations employee on the clock! IV was after all more than just something he helped start, it was his meal ticket and future! …But, as was becoming increasingly and insistently clear to the boggled former amateur adult movie part-time extra, this was not Charlie’s world anymore…

Get it now at Amazon.

Get it NOW at smashwords for 50% off on the annual sale open til 7 March!

If you would like to know more about Christina Engela and her writing, please feel free to browse her website.

If you’d like to send Christina Engela a question about her life as a writer or transactivist, please send an email to or use the Contact form.

Show your appreciation for Christina’s work!

All material copyright © Christina Engela, 2020.

Another Round At The Crow Bar #39 March 2020

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Welcome to my 39th newsletter – March 2020!


Now Available: Best Served Cold – a story about revenge

NOW AVAILABLE! A story about revenge – “Best Served Cold” by Christina Engela!

“Best Served Cold” is Christina Engela’s 28th book!

Even though “Best Served Cold” isn’t part of a series, this book sets the background for the Galaxii series, which starts around a century or more later. As a sort of prequel, “Best Served Cold” stands perfectly fine on its own as a tale of adventure in space – and revenge of course, which is a dish best served cold!

The book is now available as an eBook via Lulu and Smashwords, and should arrive on Amazon in a matter of days! The print version will be coming out via Moon Books Publishing shortly! More

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