Fun Fact #9: Concerning Brad Xyl

Today in Fun Facts, a series of articles about characters and plot devices I’ve used in my stories, I’ll be talking about Brad Xyl.

Secret Weapons of the Resistance #3: Time Travel, Beck the Badfeller & Cindy-Mei Winter

In “High Steaks”, the most recent addition to the Quantum Series, a resistance rises to meet the revolutionaries – a resistance with friends in low places. Together with the Vampire Underground, bovine torpedoes, a mad scientist, an invisible space ship, and a well-camouflaged operative, the nasties must also contend with another unseen enemy: Time, and its agents. More

FAQ’s Answered #11: What Is The Time Saving Agency?

Today in a series of replies to FAQ (frequently asked questions) sent to me by fans (and sometimes not so much), I answer the question:  “What is the Time Saving Agency?” Go on – admit it: – you’re just dying to know!


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