Word Length – When Is A Novel, A Novel?

I often see writers posting about the length of different categories of works, asking what word length makes a story “short”, how many words make a novel? Are there any types of marketable story between them? A while ago, to find out, I consulted that all-knowing trove of knowledge – the internet. In looking for an actual carved-in-stone definitive rule, I was to be a little disappointed. More

Submissions Wanted!

Do you write SciFi that celebrates the weird, embraces the unusual, endeavors to unscrew the inscrutible… and is… strangely compelling?

If so, I’m looking for short stories (up to a maximum of around 6000 words) for an anthology of “Strangely Compelling SciFi”!

Topic: “Sci-fi is the main thing. Compelling would be nice. Strange is only a suggestion.”

A maximum of 2 submissions per author will be acceptable for this anthology. Authors will be credited for their contributions. The deadline is open-ended, and it will be taken forward once I have enough material.

The anthology will be published through Moon Books Publishing in eBook, print and audiobook formats. (There will be no payment for your story, but it will help get your name, brand and writing out there!)

Some editing of grammar and spelling for selected submissions may be necessary, but will not be charged for.

Please send your submissions in Word (.doc or .docx format) to christinaengela@gmail.com

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