FAQ’s Answered #8: What Inspired The Akx?

Today in a series of replies to FAQ (frequently asked questions) sent to me by fans (and sometimes not so much), I answer the question:  “What inspired the Akx – the frightening villain from ‘Demonspawn’?


FAQ’s Answered #3: What Was The Inspiration For The I.S.S. Mordrake?

Today in a series of replies to FAQ (frequently asked questions) sent to me by fans (and sometimes not so much), I answer the question “What Was The Inspiration For The I.S.S. Mordrake?“, asked by Marla from New Orleans.

Those of you who have already read my book “Demonspawn” might have paused just a moment perhaps, to wonder why I named the starship which most of the story centers around, “the Mordrake”… and so here it is – the actual inspiration for the name!


“Blachart” – book 1 in the Galaxii Series

Blachart” tells the story of a former Space Fleet officer trying to make a living as a private loderunner owner and skipper. Mykl d’Angelo has fallen on hard times – and has just had the worst day of his life in that field. Due a minor misunderstanding, his crew has mutinied and left him and two others behind to crew the ailing loderunner Pegasus – which just happened to literally lose its stardrive in the middle of the middle of nowhere! His two remaining crewmen are killed when the ship’s engine explode, and Mykl d’Angelo is marooned and awaits rescue in deep space.


Free Copies Of My Books Available To Libraries Via Smashwords!

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New Release: “Demonspawn” – Galaxii #2

I’m proud to announce the release of the latest new edition of book 2 in the Galaxii Series, titled “Demonspawn“! The new version has an awesome new cover and is almost twice as long as the previous edition at 51,983 words (168 pages, US Trade size)!

This title is now available via Lulu.com and Smashwords, and should be through their networks of retailers too, shortly.

The story of “Demonspawn” centers on a starship crew trapped onboard their disabled ship, the Mordrake. The situation seems hopeless, and they face imminent death due to an earlier poor decision to battle a ready foe.

Mordrake has six month’s worth of food on board, but less than two weeks of air, and things look pretty grim. Morale, although low before the incident that resulted in their present predicament, is at an all-time low. The ship is not the only thing breaking down however, and pretty soon Commander Joe Lofflin – who has perpetually faced a degree of scorn from his crew because of his sexual orientation and faces a daily struggle to control his romantic attraction to a junior crewman almost half his age – takes on the roll of acting-Captain after the untimely death of Captain Blaine, and must deal with solving a murder on top of everything else!


New Release: “Blachart” – Galaxii #1

I’ve been writing stories basically since I could hold a wax crayon, and this book is in that respect a milestone for me. Why? Well, you may ask that question, but the answer isn’t a simple one.

While you may recognize the name of this book, “Blachart“, you won’t recognize the cover! If you read it before, and were to read it again now, you would notice a few changes. For one thing, there are illustrations in color (eBook versions), and while the plot remains unchanged, the flow of events within are more refined and there is a good deal more story to it. The book is also a good deal longer than it was before – nearly twice the length as a matter of fact. This is book 1 in the Galaxii Series, titled “Blachart“, and the new version is now available via Lulu.com and Smashwords, and should be through their networks of retailers too, shortly.

Announcing the Quantum Series

Well hello there, folks! 🙂 Here’s a little news for you:

As you know I’m the author of the Galaxii Series, of which two titles have already been re-published by J.Ellington Ashton (JEA) Press, and the third is still pending. The Galaxii Series – at least as far as my fiction writing career is concerned – has been my life’s work. I started writing it since I was a fresh-faced 12-year-old starting high school. (Before that I wrote stories about Roman soldiers and fantasized about blending archaeology, dinosaurs and a band of lost Roman soldiers wandering Southern Africa – LOL – but more about that another time!) When you write sci-fi and fantasy, change is more than a constant, it’s pretty much a fact of life – and so, I have an exciting announcement to make – a new series of sci-fi/fantasy novels, with added Quantum-ness! More

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