FAQ’s Answered #1: Why Do I Write About LGBT People?

I thought it might be nice to post my replies to FAQ (frequently asked questions) on my website, so here goes: Today I answer the question “Why do I write about LGBT people?“, asked by Trina Williams from Cape Town.

I write sci-fi stories, and over the years, I’ve been occasionally accused of humor – and even wit. Sometimes my work has been rather flatteringly compared to several well-known authors in humor, fantasy and sci-fi – not that it’s ever gone to my head – one day if my books ever start making me actual money, it might. For now however, I concentrate on telling my stories – and telling others about them.

Unlike any of the authors I’ve been compared to however, I write stories that feature LGBT characters in a positive, affirming light. Some of my main characters are like me – in one or more times in my own life – lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender. One of those characters is even a plant – and another is a talking cat – not that I am or have been one of those before, but oh well, now you can see what I mean by humor!
The question I’m going to explore with you today is “Why“?

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