Grief & Loss: A Writer’s Conduit To Creating Authentic Characters

Most of us have already tasted the bitter sting of death at one time or another – the loss of a loved one, or the ending of a powerful relationship, the pain of separation, the guilt of things that passed between us, the things that were said or done that should’ve been – or the regret for things said or done that we can never take back.

I am of course, no exception.

Depending on how close to us that person was, it can often take years – a lifetime even – to fight through that storm of tears into a clearing of relative calm, or even beyond that, to a woodland of peace, acceptance and moving on. But we never forget.

As a writer, it’s never as easy as some think it is to write about emotions, especially emotions being experienced by our characters – without drawing on our own experiences and of course, our own pain… of loss, sorrow, regret, guilt and longing. More

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