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My writing is NOT stereotypical, and my characters – regardless of their sexuality or gender – are anything but stereotypes! My lead characters are LGBT heroes and heroines – role model figures – the captains of star ships, bold explorers and adventurers, action heroes and people who change the world (or the galaxy)! Yes, I write LGBT characters into my stories, but I would like to emphasize (again) that my stories are not just “all about LGBT people” or intended to rub cisgender, straight reader’s noses in a rainbow flag and sprinkle glitter all over their cornflakes! 

However, it has again emerged that yet another mainstream movie is due to come out soon that presents the same tired old stereotype about transgender people – that they are only good for sex work and follows the worn-out old stereotype that “they look like men in dresses”. “Anything“, stars Mike Bomer – a cisgender male – as a transgender sex-worker, and demonstrates exactly what is wrong with the way transgender characters are portrayed in the industry. More

New Release: “The Pink Community – The Facts” Second Edition!

slide1New release: “The Pink Community – The Facts” – Second Edition! Back in 2009 when I was in full swing of my human rights advocacy and running two LGBT rights groups (SA GLAAD and ECGLA), I put together an online information resource which mainly consisted of useful quotes and links to articles online.

As an activist who campaigned a lot on social media against bigotry in form of homophobia and transphobia, these links came in handy to post as replies to enraged bigots, rather than typing out lengthy replies each time! Instead, the link would manifest with a reference to a useful scientific or medical article that would invalidate the bigot’s viewpoint, and they would be left there, seething, embarrassed, with egg on their faces!

Gradually this list grew until it migrated from a text file I kept on my PC, into a Word document – and then, when I started my blog “Sour Grapes: The Fruit of Ignorance”, I dedicated several pages to it there. Later, in about 2012, I migrated it to my official author site, where it still lurks, as a free resource for human rights advocacy. This allowed for page hierarchies rather than just a huge cluster (or clutter!) of pages on a site! More

“Embracing Justice” – Submissions Open!

15219426_10202600603052181_2501610761163831644_n.jpgI’m very happy and proud to announce that I’ve been asked by my friend Alex S. Johnson (of Nocturnicorn) to edit this anthology !

Riot Pink Presents an Anthology Edited by Christina Engela: “Embracing Justice”, a benefit anthology to fight anti-LGBT discrimination. This is a benefit anthology to promote awareness of discrimination against LGBT people, tell our stories and find resources.

What is the inspiration behind “Embracing Justice”?

The huge increase in incidence of hate crime and violence reported across the USA against LGBT people – and in other places around the world, linked to an apparent rise in bigotry and anti-human rights sentiments – is nothing less than an outrage! There is also legal discrimination to contend with, where a vulnerable minority faces discrimination which although immoral, is nonetheless enforced by unjust laws. More

New Release: A Powerful Statement Against Bullying by Christina Engela

Now available!

OKAKJLY.jpg Paperback ($24.94)     Kindle ($10.00)

Published: Aug 08, 2016
Pages: 36
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Dimensions (inches): 8.5 x 8.5

“Join a lovable group of children in a delightful romp through an explanation of diversity, understanding it better, encouraging them to be compassionate towards others, regardless of who they are.

Many kids today face bullying from their peers based on differences in race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.

In a world where bullying and intolerance of diversity is becoming increasingly a problem, it’s important to teach children – and adults – compassion for others.

This book was written to inspire kids (and the adults who read it with kids) who are bullied for being different without focusing too strongly on the bullying angle.

Christina Engela is an author and long-time human rights activist with experience in dealing with various types of bullying.”


Author and activist Christina Engela’s ‘Other Kids are Kids Almost Just Like You’ is a small gem, a humorous, non-didactic children’s book that sings the joys of difference, whether it be race, sexual orientation or just the pride of individuality. With delightful illustrations by Amanda M. Lyons, ‘Other Kids’ teaches a gentle lesson about the serious issue of bullying.” – Alex S. Johnson, Author.


Let me start off by saying that I do not write stories for children. This was a fluke, a karmic train-smash, a collision of circumstances and contrasting feelings both fortuitous and cataclysmic… etcetera, and so forth.

That said, this story is special to me – mostly because of the message it presents to not only young minds, but also to the parents, teachers, adults and young adults (hopefully) who will read this story to the children in their lives – and the children themselves. It’s also because of the topics it addresses – bullying, intolerance, diversity and acceptance of each other as people.

This is what my editor said to me: “I’d put it in the 5 to 6 yr old range but that’s the age we need to teach kids to be kind so perfect!”

The overall idea is a positive ‘up’ theme and the book was written to inspire kids who are bullied for being different without focusing too strongly on the bullying concept or on harping on the transgender bullying angle – even though the concept for this story was suggested based on someone I know having a young pre-teen child experiencing a lot of the harassment and emotional trauma of growing up transgender.

The illustrator (Amanda M. Lyons) delivered a set of 20 beautiful images.

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