Bugspray – A book about Veedubs

Bugspray” by Christina Engela – A host of things you can do yourself to improve your Beetle without emptying your bank account!

“This is not your standard ‘How to restore your VW Beetle’ book. It’s also not a workshop manual. Aside from a basic rundown on the differences between various bug models through the years, there is a section on some things you can do to preserve your bug. Mostly however, what I’ve done is reviewed all the things I did to my bugs and put those ideas together as cheap, skillful, cheap, d.i.y, cheap means of enhancing your grocery-getter’s performance and handling.

Dollying the rest up is your baby. (Btw, did I mention it’s cheap?) Most of the procedures described can be done by virtually anyone with the parts currently residing on their drive-to-work banger. The rest are low-budget (cheap!) and can be carried out with household or garage tools. All of these are things that I did to one or more of the Beetles I’ve had.” – Christina Engela.

“If you own a VW bug, this is a must. Or just buy it because Christina is a fine writer and it’s bound to be an enjoyable reading experience.” – Alex S. Johnson

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A Trip To The VW Museum!


Hello fans! Yesterday, my long suffering PA and GF, Wendy K. Gloss, went on a road trip to the small city of Uitenhage, or to be more exact, to the VW museum which is right next door to the VW factory. This is the same factory where all South African VW Beetles (and more recently, the Bug-shaped ‘nice try’ they call ‘the new beetle’) were made.

I’ve been on holiday over December and January, and while I’ve been relaxing some of the time, I’ve also been doing a lot of D.I.Y. ‘stuff’ around the house. Yesterday was just a nice get away from it all, so Kay and I boarded Dolly (our 1962 1200cc VW) and took a casual, uneventful drive out to Uitenhage. More

Coming Soon – “Bugspray”

Front Spread Cover

A host of things you can do yourself to improve your Beetle without emptying your bank account!

In 2006 I self-published a book called “Bugspray” which was recently revamped by LightBearer Publishing.

Over the past month or so we’ve reworked the book, improved it, and added more material and a lot of high quality color images. The third edition of “Bugspray” is much longer, more detailed and has a lot more useful tips and projects for the Beetle-lovers out there, and the book comes with a brand new cover!

The new version will be available in print soon on Amazon.com via LightBearer Publishing, with a kindle version to be released soon afterwards.

‘Bugspray’ is about Beetles. Not about the flashy show cars, but about the ordinary bugs people drive every day, and treasure as a member of their extended family. It’s a book of inventive, low-budget hacks and fixes to keep your bug alive, preserved and even to make a few improvements.

This book is the end result of one woman’s more than twenty years experience with Beetles, and geared toward things you can do to keep your bug going without spending vast sums of money you don’t have.

Most of the things described in this book can be performed by a handy woman (or even a man) with the parts currently on your bug.

Oh – and the pictures are nice too!

Stay tuned for more news!

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