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A few days ago I shared some of my current and future writing projects with you (view here). In the meantime, I thought I should also share a little more information with you, about more mundane ordinary things that make up the ordinary life of this author. I hope it won’t bore you too much 😉 .

This photo was taken last night – does anyone know what sort of parrot this is?

Ming, one of my fur-children and writing companions enjoys cat-ching a ride now and then! She stayed on while I made coffee, faffed in the kitchen and went to the front of the house to lock up!

Last Monday (the 13th) I posted on Facebook that I’d started writing a short story called “Lifetime”. I’d at that stage just passed 3000 words, and over the next two days continued to add to it. I was on a roll after all. By Tuesday evening, I’d hit the 6000 word mark. Rather than having to really hammer it out and work at it, this was one of those occasions where a story flowed easily from my mind onto the page… where I was typing out a scene, planning out how the next one would go – and it’s relation to the rest of the story… then I’d remember some detail that had to fit into another part of the story, and then expanded that. All the while, time flew by…

Last night I finally finished the story and its word-count stands at 13,272 words!

Honestly I can’t really say I’m not a little tired, but it’s a good kind of ‘tired’ – looking at the story I feel awfully proud of it.


What’s the story about? Well, without giving away too much detail, it’s a sci-fi horror… or maybe a sci-fi suspense even. I suppose that depends on your own personal definition of horror. If something horrifies you, then it’s a horror – but I’d say there’s a line of suspense running right through the story from somewhere after the opening until the very end! The horror comes in where something completely unexpected is revealed that is much, much worse than the worst outcome expected by the characters… something far worse than just finding out their loved ones have died in a space disaster!

At this stage I’m strongly resisting the urge to extend the word-count (around 17,000 words) so I can make the story available as a standalone novella. Instead, it will probably be my own contribution to Moon Books Horror Anthology #5, of which I’m the editor. There’s still time for budding writers to send me their submissions – details here.

What’s Next?

Interesting question, isn’t it? I’m sure I’ll take a day or so to reset after that intense bit of writing on “Lifetime”, and get back to… oh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably post this and then get on with another writing project!

In Conclusion

As always, I’ll keep you informed.

Also keep in mind that I still have a sale on! 😉

Take care and have a lovely day!

Until next time, keep reading!


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