Waiter, There’s A Bigot In My Soup!

Don’t you just hate it when you find a bigot in your soup? Eeeeuw! Gross!

This is exactly what happens to John Q. Public one day as he sits down to enjoy a fresh bowl of soup at his favorite restaurant! He puts his hand up to complain, but unfortunately the waiter doesn’t believe him – and as his protests increase, so does the intensity of the waiter’s denials!

What will happen to John? Will he get fresh soup – fresh soup without a bigot in it?

This title marks my 23rd published book – a proud moment! The illustrations were drawn by me, then scanned into digital, colored in Paint, and assembled using PowerPoint as the basis for another short movie like “Bang, Splat!” That of course will happen one day in the future, but for now I figured it was time to release the eBook! A few sample illustrations below:

Whatever inspired me to write this book? Well, I originally wrote this piece as a poem, because there was a bigot in my soup. As strange as that sounds, and surreal – which it is of course – unfortunately it is also true. Like the protagonist in this piece, I encourage people, societies and governments to demand that the restaurant flush their bigot soup down the crapper. Hey, I pay my taxes, I vote, I toe the line – I want new soup! I demand new soup! Clean soup without the stain of yellow toup’s and tiki torches and little Nazi salutes floating about in them like obscene little croutons of hate!

Let’s all work together to make a world better for all of us! – Thats the message of “Waiter, There’s A Bigot In My Soup!” by Christina Engela. Make it so!

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