What Would Happen If Fascists Took Over The World?

What would happen if fascists took over the world? Not just one or two states, but all of them? How would people react to having their lives upturned? Without any alternative authorities to turn to, without any rescuers or saviors to call upon, how would they handle seeing ‘undesirables’ and ‘enemies of the state’ – their neighbors, family, friends or colleagues being dragged away to concentration camps by uniformed thugs with the full backing of the law?

How would they tell fact from fiction while those who have siezed power and their news services twist the truth to cast themselves as righteous heroes and to portray their victims as unpatriotic, dangerous, threatening, impure, monsters deserving of extermination?

A new regime has siezed power on Deanna. A new leader has risen on promises of glory, morality, righteousness, patriotism and purity. A new purge has begun – and thousands of new ‘undesirables’ from all over the planet languish in the cages at Xanadu Re-education Facility – where the only thing to be learned is, if you are different, you will die.

In “Prodigal Sun” and “High Steaks“, it is the people of Deanna – a small isolated colony world on the outer fringes of the Terran Empire – who find themselves living this question… and its answer – the only answer.

What will their answer be? Compliance… or resistance?

What is yours?

Read “Prodigal Sun” and “High Steaks“, books 5 and 6 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela.

Coming soon: book 7, “Underground Movement”.

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