When Darkness Calls – A Map Of The White House! 

As I outlined in a post not too long ago, “When Darkness Calls” – Actually A True Story, the house in Port Elizabeth where the events described in “When Darkness Calls” took place – called “the White House” – was fairly thoroughly described in the book. However, for some odd reason, it never occurred to me to actually sketch the layout of that terrible place!

Anyway, I finally did so yesterday, and have uploaded the sketches to the website! They’re as accurate as I can say they are from memory – after all, it happened in 2011 – a good nine years ago now!

Here are two sketches of the layout of the house as I remember it – on two levels, the expansive ground floor, and the loft which featured a bedroom, toilet/shower and balcony.

“When Darkness Calls” is available in eBook, Paperback (Amazon) and Audiobook (Audible).

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Don’t let the spookies bite!

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Update: I realize in retrospect how provocative the title of this article must seem! After all, anyone who stumbles across it might easily be forgiven for thinking it describes a map of the seat of US government, and the darkness currently residing within!

Fortunately, my American friends will be able to exorcise that orange-tinted evil this coming November – and I wish all the very best to them in that regard!

On the other hand, the white house described in my tale – and in these accompanying sketches – is an actual mansion in Port Elizabeth which was literally called that by those who knew it!

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