Fan Mail & Compliments

Below is an assortment of fan mail, compliments, good reviews and a selection of other positive comments Christina Engela has received, some for her writing, and some for human rights activism:

September 12, 2019

The Ending Was Different (“The Thirteenth Ship“)

“Started average, but the ending was different. 4 Stars” – James Jenkins September 12, 2019


September 09, 2019

Suspense, drama and modern issues all of which are tackled in a fun but important way… (“Dead Man’s Hammer“)

“As the Quantum series unfolds, it grows more and more impressive. Dead Man’s Hammer is proof that Christina Engela can build an established world and insert so many genres into it along with retaining a unique style of writing that not only tributes her influences but has a way of confiding in readers.

We are back on the quirky planet of ‘Deanna’, home of the rather ominous sounding ‘obsidian crows’ and more specifically ‘Atro City’ – a place this time around we get to know a bit better while referencing the previous stories of the ‘Quantum series’.

Someone is targeting my favourite characters; an assassin enigmatically named ‘Villainessa Tittel’ who is after one person in particular – series regular, Cindy-Mei Winter. ‘Villainessa’ proves to be quite a force in her field of work and does everything in her power to draw in ‘Mei’, wiith whom she shares an interesting history. It is in this history where readers will find the true message and meaning of the story. While ‘Mei’ has moved forward in life she must face what is essentially a demon of her past and a life before she became ‘Cindy’ and it’s trying to torment her! This is a massive nod to modern issues that many people face in the transgender community and in life as a whole, sometimes it isn’t about who you were, but what you are now and what you truly feel. This concept is galvanised by another character ‘Danielle Grauffis’ who is in a process of transition in her young life compared to ‘Mei’.

Of course other returning regulars such as ‘Beck the Badfeller’ – who we get a name origins story from and special branch ‘Fred’ the Arborian make appearances along with an extended appearance from ‘Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller’ who makes quite a team with ‘Mei’ – and this is where a crime mystery element of the story truly shines.

Suspense, drama and even tragedy are ways that I would describe the journey this story represents, not to mention that crime-mystery theme along with some more important issues that these books are not afraid to tackle; as much as this sounds heavy, it’s a fun read! Throughout Engela’s writing style naturally flows and is fun to read.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, you could even say as cold as ‘Winter’ – but that’s only something ‘I heard through the grape vine…’

5 Stars” – by Lee Hall, UK writer & reviewer, September 9, 2019.

August 18, 2019

Surprising Vampire Twist (“The Thirteenth Ship“)

“Surprising vampire twist… Intimate and tender while making use of general stereotypes to propel the story forward. Easy to read, I enjoyed it very much.” – H.G. Emert (via Smashwords).

Absolutely Refreshing (“Death By Vampire“)

“Absolutely refreshing. Not the same stale story with vampires in it. Loved it!!!! Keep up the great work!” 5 stars – Anonymous (via Barnes & Noble).

A Brilliant Story (“The Thirteenth Ship“)

“A brilliant short story. Full of mystery. I love Christina’s writings!” – 5 stars – Anonymous (via Barnes & Noble).

Brilliant! (“Black Sunrise“)

“Brilliant!!! “Brilliant!!! Absolutely unique story-line and characters! I am A huge fan of Christina Engela’s books!!!” – 5 stars – Anonymous (via Barnes & Noble).

Excellent Tool (“Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You“)

“Excellent tool to teach children to accept people who are different. I would recommend it to anyone who has children and is against bullying.” 5 stars – Anonymous (via Barnes & Noble).

July 05, 2019

A highly enjoyable time travel caper…

“Only two months previous were the citizens of Deanna dealing with the threat of an alien attack, but now another threat of perhaps greater proportions emerges from the fabric of time, quite literally.

Christina Engela has created a story that follows not only a similar concept of the previous entry in the Quantum series, but one that fuses those ideas with something completely different and original. Written in a way that sometimes tributes Terry Pratchett, yet again readers will find this story quirky and clever with a style that confides in the reader.

Familiar faces Gary Beck the ‘badfeller’ and Cindy Mei Winter return as their story together continues and while that is happening the main story arc begins to unfold from an unexpected place; the fabric of time where there are Time Agents and Time Terrorists. What ensues is a cat and mouse time travel story seeing ‘Agent Scrooby’ trying to track down the evil genius and escaped terrorist known as Brad Xyl, who has dastardly universe destroying aspirations! Scrooby enlists the help of Bounty hunter Gary Beck and together they set out to to put Brad Xyl’s plans to a halt.

Although Cindy-Mei Winter takes more of a cameo role along with ‘Fred the Arborian’, in this story Cindy’s journey and life as a trans-woman is briefly touched upon giving an important and positive modern spotlight on the subject.

Overall ‘The Time Saving Agency‘ is a fun read which sees the ‘Quantum Series’ taken on an unexpected journey of time travel while also continuing the journey of the characters seen in the previous book in the series (‘Black Sunrise‘). The narrative is delivered with a sophisticated level of humor and sometimes sarcastic wit that never allows for a dull moment.

4 Stars” – Lee Hall, UK playwright and reviewer.

May 7, 2019

“A fun and enjoyable quirky multi-character story that carries an important message…

Black Sunrise is about a lot of different things and the author has done a great job of linking them all together by way of a story that is not only funny, it’s also strange in a good way and carries a positive message. The diverse array of characters range from a bounty hunter to a talking plant called ‘Fred’ who in some senses stole the show considering this ‘Arborian’ seemed to be more of a secondary character.

Set mostly on the planet of Deanna; this holiday destination see’s the arrival of an alien spaceship helmed by the ‘Ruminarii’ a race of hostile lizard type aliens looking to send a message. Along the way we see the story from many different points of view; including these aliens who (spoiler alert) fail in a sense to send said message.

Cindy Mei Winter; a former government agent is trying to put the past behind her and provides the important message this story carries. What first appears as a suggested undertone comes center stage in the latter part of the story as Cindy is revealed to be transgender; something that is portrayed in a positive and modern way. In fact there are two transgender characters in this story. This message extends to many of the other characters who are all different in their own way questioning the concept of what an alien really is.

Overall I found this story enjoyable with a positive message that puts the ‘conscience over paycheck’ concept into practice. There are some parts I found to be genuinely funny while in other moments it was thought provoking.

Seeing as this book is a part of the wider ‘Quantum’ series I will be sure to check out the others.

5 Stars” – by Lee Hall, UK writer and playwright.

April 29, 2019

Left by Tim on “Little Green Men” at

February 2019

“We [our reading group] have read your book called ‘Prodigal Sun‘, oh my God it’s awesome…” “I’m really happy that we have a person like you behind us.” “…your books have and will always create a big impact in Uganda’s LGBTI community.” – Name Withheld, 24 February, 2019.

It’s very satisfying to know there are LGBTI people living in Uganda – where it’s not safe for them to be open about who they are, or who they love – who are reading my work. I can’t do much to help alleviate their plight, but I hope I can at least inspire them through my writing!

November 08, 2018

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November 08, 2018

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October 25, 2018

Christina was quoted in this article from

“Christina Engela, in Inanna Rising: Women Forged in Fire (2015), edited by Amanda M. Lyons:

Voting on things is democratic, yes – but not on deciding on whether or not people should be equal or have human rights. That isn’t democracy, it is mob rule.

Everybody should be equal in a democracy – that is the nature of a democracy.”

October 06, 2018

Demonspawn, Christina Engela

by Aimee Ann, October 6, 2018

“Demonspawn by Christina Engela is incontrovertibly a must-read science fiction horror novel and a novel that should not be missed! Demonspawn is the spine-tingling second installment of Christina Engela’s Galaxii series that takes us, adventurous readers, to the depths of space on a journey riddled with dangers around every turn. Demonspawn by Christina Engela will chill you to your core, it will seep into you deeper than the vast cold of space and it made for a thrilling read! I love how the tension and suspense build to a horrifying crescendo that had my heart pounding through my chest in terror, shock, and excitement!

A quarrel with a Corsair marauder leaves the I.S.S Mordrake in dire need of repairs deep in space. Hope is fleeting while running on back up generators that will eventually give out this far from any normal shipping routes. The inevitable looms above each crew member, certain death.

The Captain, drunk and denying all responsibility for their desperate circumstances, has a fatal encounter with a killer. The crew begins to investigate the Captains murder when they stumble upon an abandoned alien ship floating in an asteroid belt. Hope is restored at the discovery of potential salvation, but once aboard hope turns to dread as they find the entire former crew massacred.

Their only option is to tear apart the alien vessel for parts to fix their own ship. Salvation turns to horror as more crew members die, the killer is still amongst them and an evil is haunting the abandoned ship. Can they beat the clock and repair their ship, or will they all succumb to the same fate as the crew before them?

Demonspawn by Christina Engela is a sensationally terrifying space adventure that gripped me immediately! Demonspawn by Christina Engela flawlessly weaves an everlasting sense of urgency; if they fail to find the parts they need the entire crew is as good as dead, if they don’t abandon the wrecked ship quickly they will fall prey to the beast that claimed the former crew. Through all of this, there is still a killer loose on their own ship. I love the constant underlying ambiance of dread, it kept me on edge, anxiously turning the pages to unravel the murderous mystery!

Christina Engela is an unparalleled science fiction author; she creates a dark haunting world that I couldn’t get enough of! Christina Engela has an intriguing writing style that engages us, fervid readers, through her well-timed plot development, memorable and unique characters I could identify with, and chilling details that keep the pages turning of their own accord! I love the way Christina Engela draws us in and sends us spiraling on a whirlwind ride from start to finish, which shows what an outstanding and truly talented author she is!

Demonspawn by Christina Engela is a hair-raising science fiction horror novel that will shock and thrill any reader! Christina Engela perfectly balances the crippling dangers of deep space, with a high stakes race against time, and a mysterious string of murders leading to an ungodly creature bent on their destruction. The dangers are very real in Demonspawn, brought to life by Christina Engela’s frightening air-tight narrative, coupled with an all-consuming sense of danger, and superb characterization! I was engrossed in Demonspawn from the first page, enamored by the intricate and intelligent design building the tension to a startlingly unforgettable climax that left me breathless! Demonspawn by Christina Engela is a remarkable nail-biting piece of science fiction literature I have to award five stars!” – Aimee Ann,

October 03, 2018

Demonspawn by Christina Engela – a review

by Lee Hall

‘In space, not all things were certain… not even death’

Demonspawn is a detailed well-imagined space story, which I found hard to put down, in fact I read the book in just 3 sittings.

Christina Engela has created a believable world of space travel, delivering it in way that seemed to me logical and explained without straying from the main plot.

From the very opening, there is a deliberate psychological vagueness as to what the ‘big bad’ could be. This heightens the mystery giving readers a real urgency and a want to find out, eventually you will.

With that tension steadily building the story follows the somewhat damned crew of the I.S.S. Mordrake; a ship seemingly stranded and damaged beyond repair in the furthest reaches of space. Their captain is found murdered and so it’s up to main character Joe Lofflin to investigate along with a cast full of convincing characters.

Then they discover a derelict ship just floating in space.

This story reminded me of films such as Alien and Event Horizon but Demonspawn could easily stand shoulder to shoulder with them. There were many concepts of the sci-fi genre in this book that were original and put together in a way not seen before anywhere else (this was especially so for the ‘Akx’.)

It’s an enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more.

5 Stars.” – by Lee Hall, UK-based writer, playwright and reviewer.

June 19, 2018

Message from Anya Louw, having read “Dead Beckoning“.

May 05, 2018

Message from Anya Louw, having read “The Time Saving Agency“.

March 22, 2018

A review left for “Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You“.

March 10, 2018

February 10, 2018

“Christina Engela’s books are full of adventure and funny situations. The sci-fi is not too overly technical and the characters are quite unique. The writing is done with wit and funny repartee. If you are a novice at sci-fi, hers are good series to read. Her short stories left me waiting with bated breath and giddy anticipation for the next one. I thoroughly enjoyed them. Her talent and imagination are quite something to behold!” – Dina Gloss

July 13, 2017

“I am looking forward to reading all of Christina’s books. I really enjoy her unique imagination , she is a terrific author!” Amazon Customer (“The Peed Off Peasant”), July 13, 2017

“Even though this book was short it still provides the reader with an awesome story. I really enjoyed reading this!” Amazon Customer (“The Thirteenth Ship”), July 13, 2017

July 12, 2017

20170712 Death by vampire compliment

July 11, 2017

Good Short Story

“Really liked this short vampire story. The author has great imagination. Why read a super long book when you can read a nice little story in no time!” – Michelle on Goodreads

March 23, 2017

“I loved the suspense and thrill of Mercury Rising; I felt like any moment was going to break into horror. Zombies in space on a small, dead ship in the middle of nowhere is an utterly terrifying thought. I felt claustrophobic, like I was in that derelict with them.

The scene of Flane and Vic walking the hull was brilliant in reference to the title. That brief moment of hope before the characters’ devastating disappointment is cunning. I liked that you didn’t put too much emphasis on the hope aspect; it felt like a natural hope from what you’d expect out of the perspective of two exhausted people going through an adrenaline crash.

I thoroughly enjoyed the contact scenes; full of action and anxiety. The ending was a blanket of dread that fell over me. My heart sank to my stomach. I suspected the Mercury was infected but I wasn’t fully prepared for the confirmation.

I have questions; like what the contagion is, how it spreads, how it affects lifeforms, but they’re best left to my imagination I think. So the vague clues were well placed. I felt like there should be more after the S.O.S, though I can’t think of a better way to end it. The unhappy ending is beautiful! So much despair.

I’m really looking forward to reading your other stories! It’s refreshing to read some old-school action sci-fi that works more on the story than the plausibility of the sciences in it.

Thank-you for letting me read Mercury Rising! I’m probably going to dream about it now.” – Anike Kirsten, author of “Of Beasts And Men”.

March 05, 2017

Author Alex S. Johnson named a starship (the U.S.S. Engela) after me in one of his stories!

February 13, 2017

“Engela’s eye for the quirky humor of even the darkest situations sets her writing apart from the masses. Her fiction combines oddball humor, in the tradition of writers like Terry Pratchet and Douglas Adams, with the best of traditional science fiction. A government agency regulates time and its manipulation against the efforts of a brilliant scoundrel. A retired space cop turned bounty hunter grumbles and grunts like a classic pulp noir detective. A glamorous retired intelligence agent moves to a new planet in the hopes of escaping the mystery and mayhem of her former life. And tucked inside her stories, like a kind of stealth activism, lurks a beast almost never seen in either mainstream or science fiction: fully fleshed out LGBT characters.

Like many of us, Engela has been frustrated with the representation of LGBT characters in mainstream fiction, where gay characters are often nothing more than superficially portrayed plot devices or worse, the object of satire and ridicule. Engela’s work breaks the trend. In her stories, a gay man may be the anti-hero or villain, but not because he is gay. A transwoman may fall in love with a cisgender straight man, and their relationship doesn’t revolve around her gender identity. LGBT characters, in Engela’s work, follow narrative arcs that occasionally intersect with their sexual or gender identity, but are more often driven by the human characteristics shared by all people—hope, fear, ambition, humor, and love.” – Sarah Rutledge Fischer, Focus Mid-South Magazine.

January 26, 2017

Life and Living with Cerebral Palsy quoted Christina Engela:


January 15, 2017

“Too short. Good story though. I enjoyed this story. I wasn’t expecting vampires. I want to read more of her works. I will be looking for more works like this.” – Carl Gordon Allison on ‘The Thirteenth Ship‘ on Amazon and rated it “It was amazing” on Goodreads.

January 01, 2017

“Absolutely brilliant as always. Witty and immersive story line. The characters are vivid and jump off the page at you. I have read all her books and want more and more!” – W.G. on ‘Blachart‘, Kobo.

“Space does actually suck! Loved this story. Really enjoyed reading it. A refreshing view on space travel 🙂 with a twist!” – W.G. on ‘Space Sucks!‘, Kobo.

“Yet again a brilliant book. This author is a master at telling dark and humorous tales in space. Was not a sci fi fan until I started reading her books :)” – W.G. on ‘Dead Beckoning‘, Kobo.

“Another fantastic short story by Christina Engela.” – W.G. on ‘Wiggle Room‘, Kobo.

December 31, 2016

“One word: Awesome! I loved it! Keep it up you are reaaaalllyy a great writer! More pleeeease!” – Cheryl-Ann Desai Fisasi on ‘Wiggle Room‘ (Afrikaans version).

December 20,2016

“Wow I love it! You use  of the language is very proficient and I love the style of writing! Great  things ahead for you! Thank you for allowing me to read for you!” – Cheryl-Ann Desai Fisasi on ‘The Thirteenth Ship‘ (Afrikaans version).

December 13, 2016

“This is a short story (‘Wiggle Room‘) that is very well written and has a clear ending. The characterizations were good too! I really like it a lot.” – By Jakob (Amazon, 4 stars)

November 20, 2016

The University of Northern British Columbia (Canada) used a quote by Christina Engela sourced from GoodReads in material promoting a panel discussion about gender issues.

screenshot004 screenshot005

November 15, 2016

“This short story is hauntingly brilliant. A great introduction to Christina’s style of writing :)” – Wendy Gloss, on ‘Wiggle Room‘, Lybrary.

November 09, 2016

“I am thrilled to see somebody making these arguments!”


October 19, 2016

“It’s good to see new SGM (Sexual and Gender Minority) content being produced rather than established media either being altered or removed due to whatever complaint is issued. There’s no need for hand-me-down characters to change when you can create new ones, so good on this author! Good luck!” – FreeHomeBrew @FreeHomeBrew on, Oct 19, 2016, in reply to this article.


October 12, 2016

“I thought ‘Prodigal Sun‘ was a brilliant read. The story is tasteful and humorous in a style that reminds me of Pratchett. Christina Engela sets the scene for “Prodigal Sun” on the quirky little planet called Deanna under it’s mad little moons Ding and Dong, bringing back all the characters I’ve grown to love from her previous books in the Quantum series.

The first installment of this gripping story unfolds, telling the emotive and sometimes disturbing tale of events as they unfold in Atro City. She captures the darkness of hatred and fear as she details the dangers of encroaching fascism, the daunting struggles facing her characters, and the true horror found in the segregation of various minorities at the hands of purists. She deals with these topics sensitively and intelligently, with certain familiar characters being on-hand to balance the darkness out with injections of wit and humor – and to administer required doses of karma and justice!

As this first part of the story ends, the stage is set for an epic battle on a grand scale – and as the first person to read ‘Prodigal Sun‘, I was left begging for more!

I can’t wait to see how my favorite characters overcome the odds in the next installment!” – Wendy Keran Gloss


September 06, 2016

“Just finished it, C, really enjoyed it. Definitely up there with Terry Pratchett in my opinion. Thanks again :)” – Mandy Botha, Giveaway Contest Winner [Black Sunrise], Christina Engela Author group.

Up there with Pratchett.png

May 26, 2016

“Christina Engela is that rarest of authors – able to seamlessly blend together elements of dark horror and sci-fi to create stories that will stay with you long after the last page has been turned.” – Mark Woods, author of Time of Tides and Fear of the Dark.

May 26, 2016

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to Christina Engela for showing great resourcefulness in the quickest recovery from losing a publisher I’ve ever seen. It’s a tribute to her ingenuity that she doesn’t waste time belaboring her losses, but simply moves ahead.” – Alex S. Johnson, author of ‘The Doom Hippies’.

April 10, 2016

Scott books

“Both books [‘Blachart‘ and ‘Demonspawn‘ ] were awesome and incredible reads. I couldn’t put them down. They were fantastic and I was able to get vivid mental images of the scenes as I was reading them. That’s the sign of a great author. Congratulations Christina. Your writing truly ROCKS!” – Scott M. Darrah, reader.

March 19, 2016


February 24, 2016

“Engrossing space story. [Demonspawn] A crew faces imminent death due to a poor decision to battle a ready foe. Just when they think they’ve found salvation in the form of a salvage ship they hope to use for parts – things go from bad to worse. The best part about the story was the quality writing. Excellent description. Good pacing. Recommend.” – B. Mishler.

January 05, 2016

“Thank you so much Christina Engela for being a TRUE activist.Very rare to find an activist that actually walk the talk so to speak as many just talk with no helping hand..many can learn from you.Much respect!” – Zenja Collins, activist, Zen Entertainment.

November 10, 2015

“Christina is a wonderful sci-fi author and she was one of the first authors we asked to take part once the idea was formed. ‘Beyond‘ is the story of an officer asked to betray his friend and former partner when her past comes into question, it’s a very powerful story and shows the impact one person can have on another by only a few simple acts. Christina also wrote our opening essay which beautifully captured the message we wished to convey with ‘For Love of Leelah‘.” – Amanda M. Lyons.

November 10, 2015

“This [‘Beyond‘] was such a good Sci-Fi story!! Loved it. When I got to it in the anthology, and read the opening, I was like OOOOH Sci-Fi… and then came all the twists. For a short story, it packed a wonderful punch with modern issues being addressed.” – Corinne Kilgore, reader, ‘For Love of Leelah‘.

September 06, 2015

“Really enjoyed reading this one [Demonspawn]. I had a hard time putting it down. Every page leaves you with a burning desire to find out what happens next. The way she writes this book makes it so easy to picture the entire story in your head. Its more like watching a movie than reading a book!!” – Amazon Customer, reader.

August 21, 2015

“Good read, very good story!! [Blachart] Definitely should give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.” – Verified Purchase, reader.

June 16, 2015

“I loved this story! [Blachart] Christina writes well, with humour and vivid descriptions, and develops a plausible tale of futuristic adventures.” – J. Pietersen, reader.

May 17, 2015

“Engela proves she is the newest, best voice in sci-fi with this [Demonspawn] second volume in her Galaxii series set in the furthest reaches of deep space.

On an Imperial ship, damaged in a battle with corsairs and now floating adrift, tensions begin to rise as the crew slowly begin to realise that they are all about to die. The captain, unable to accept that the current situation they find themselves in is all his fault, sits in his cabin getting drunk when he is confronted by a killer.

And it is in this moment that a small sliver of hope appears.

An alien ship, abandoned in an asteroid field, provides their only hope of salvation but going aboard, the crew soon discover there is a reason why the ship is empty.
Everyone onboard has been slaughtered.

With no other choice, the crew begin the slow process of cannibalising the alien ship for parts, all the time only too aware that there is not just a killer in their midst but also on this abandoned alien ship as well.

As more and more people begin to die, it becomes a race against time – can the crew get the parts they need and get out of there before it is too late? And even if they do, will they still be safe even then?

This book is an awesome read and one that comes across as a mash-up of such films as Alien, Hardware, and Event Horizon.

If this makes the book sound like it is derivative, fear not!

Christina Engela has a unique and brilliant voice that helps make this story her own as she slowly builds the tension to a shocking and tense climax.

Quite simply, Christina Engela is one of the best voices in sci-fi right now and to not read her work would be to miss a treat!

If you like classic space opera with an ultra-modern twist, you should check her out.

Having read previews of her forthcoming work, I can guarantee you the best is yet to come…” – Mark Woods, reader.

May 12, 2015

“Christina Engela’s debut novel, Blachart is a fantastically written sci-fi novel filled with intrigue, suspense and nail biting action. From the first paragraph to the last, I was captivated by her ability to bring her characters to life. Blachart kept me on the edge of my seat! I highly recommend this read. You will not be disappointed!” – Stephanie Bothma, reader.

May 11, 2015

“They say in space no one can hear you scream. In Demonspawn: Galaxii Series Book 2, there are plenty of screams as a creature rips its way through the inhabitants of a spaceship. A crew member, Kaine, tries to take the creature down in one last desperate move.

Reminiscent of Alien, where a helpless crew face an alien terror, the story drew me in and I could feel that same claustrophobic feel I got when watching the movie.

I felt the characters were well developed and the story moved along at a good pace.
Sci-fi fans will love this book.” – S. Gregory, reader.

March 21, 2015

“I love Christina’s novels. Blachart gets 5 stars from me.” – Dorian, reader.

March 17, 2015

“The author is brilliant and her writing technique is quite captivating. This book is worthy of an award! I wasn’t a fan of the genre, this book [Blachart] changed that. Sci-fi gained a fan because of you! A series is born. Excellent writing skills. The characters come to life. Well done Christina Engela! A well deserved 5 stars. Inspiring!” – Stephanie.

March 08, 2015

“After having read all your books, I can say you deserve recognition as a great author. Please can you write some more :)” – Robin Ellis.

February 14, 2015

Blachart is the debut novel from Christina Engela and the first part of an ongoing series of intelligent and well constructed sci-fi adventures set in the not too distant future in a galaxy far, far away, but actually not that far.

d’Angelo is already having a very bad day when he is picked up by Imperial Space Fleet. His crew are all dead and he has been left floating, stranded in deep space when Starfleet hear his distress call.

But his rescue does not come without a price…

Soon former Space Marine, d’Angelo, finds himself neck deep in space Pirates, after being re-recruited by Starfleet to investigate a colony that has gone ‘dark’. Teamed up with his former lover and he infamous former corsair, Blachart The Bloody, d’Angelo ends up going undercover on the Pirates own homeworld, but can he complete his mission and escape with his life, or is his day about to get even worse?

Blachart has the potential to be a future, modern classic piece of sci-fi space opera and both amuses and entertains from the very first minute you turn the page. Having read many of the other books in the series already, it is great to re-read this series again from the beginning and I can only wish Christina every success, because with writing like this she really, truly deserves it!

Seriously, if you love good sci-fi, you should totally check her out!” – Mark Woods, reader.

September 12, 2014

“I have read some of your work (‘Space Sux’, the kiddy story [‘Innocent Minds’] and ‘I, Mac’.) Your writing strikes a chord and I would just like to say thanks.” – Len Turner.

August 02, 2013

“I ♡♡♡l it!!! I would like to hear more! I think you should continue on and just run with it!!!” – Serenity.

August 02, 2013

“Dear Christina,

I downloaded your book “Space Sux” from Obooko – Best story for me was L/C O’Blivion.

Those stories spurred me on to read “Blachart” – and loved it. So then “Black Sunrise” – and now addicted to your writing style, I have just finished “Dead Man’s Hammer“.

I am still smiling and I will never be able to hear “Ramalama ding dong” without thinking of the tourist authority cleaning its moon before putting it back into orbit They are the same the universe over! Especially our local one.

A great big thank you for having written those books, they are excellent and I love your writing style.

I have seen more of them in Obooko, and I will try to ration myself instead of ripping through the whole lot like a charging elephant.

All the best,” – Robin Ellis.

July 08, 2013

“Your book [“Demonspawn“] had me on the edge of my seat. Brilliant. I was totally immersed in the book. My blood ran cold with fear. Captain Mike Lofflin asking Bennet out was adorable. Your writing style seemed a bit different in this one than Time saving agency. You developed your characters more.” – Andre Green.

April 7, 2013

“God I feel like a jerk, want to take my previous message back! Have now read also Black Sunrise and Dead Man’s Hammer and started on The Time Saving Agency. A series with the planet Deanna, Fred the plant and two transgender people! Great stuff, I’m hooked.

And patience paid, I found a website with Loderunner etc. that I could convert into epub. Brilliant, more of your books to read!” – Dorian Haqmoun.

April 01, 2013

“Hello C,

YOU are my newest discovery, how exciting. Found some of your books on Obooko. Was able to convert some of them into epub or Mobi, because reading pdf on my crappy tablet is a pain in the neck. But some (e.g. Loderunner and Demonspawn) refuse to be converted into any readable text, there are just squiggles all the way down on the left margin. Spent endless hours over the Easter weekend trying to solve the issue but to no avail.

I already read Blachart and just started Black Sunrise. Love the three main characters in Blachart. Pity that he and Mykl didn’t get it on, they would have made a tantalizing couple! (But I know how it is. The scifi writer Lyda Morehouse, quite famous and out and out lesbian, does ‘straight’ characters).

I’d love a whole series with Mykl, along the lines of Daniel Leary in David Drake’s series. What does ‘lulu edition’ mean? Before your novels were copy edited?

I like what I read although it’s often a bit rough round the edges, as if it needed more editing. I can’t help noticing since I worked as a copy editor for 2 years until 3 months ago. Never mind.

Oh – of course I wish you all the success in the world so that one day you can start your books with your real biography!

Greetings from Zanzibar” – Dorian Haqmoun.

March 26, 2013


I just read your interview in Zen Entertainment and wanted to personally thank you for touching the lives of so many people – not just those in the LGBTI community.

You may not remember me, but we had contact previously when there were some gay rights violation issues in Potchefstroom and I tried to rectify it. I contacted you as a boy [removed] back then.

I admire your courage. I am in the military too, and I have to say people like you made it easier for someone like me to be able to survive the masculine environment.

You are an inspiration and maybe one day if I decide to make the leap and become a woman, I will ask you for some guidance and advice. For now, I am living my life as happy and as free as I possibly can.

Enjoy your day sweetheart and please keep on writing.


Harper” – Harper.

February 26, 2013

“Dear Tina,

Thanks for this afternoon’s session. There is a lot of misconception even with myself about transgender, and sexuality. I think often it is that i do not understand what people who deal with transgender and sexuality go through. Thanks for opening my eyes and letting me see how normal and at the same time special you are.
Just wish you all the best with everything you do.
You are needed!”- Wilma (the girl with the jean and beige top who was sitting almost in front).

November 17, 2011


As will have been noted in the ECGLA Facebook site, the Committee has experienced the resignation of Christina Engela from the post of Director.

Christina took the reins of ECGLA at a time when there were all sorts of internal political divisions linked with aims and ambitions which seemed to have little to do with the LGBTI Community. Christina had the moral courage to set herself against that situation and to draw together a team of people concerned with attempting to improve the lot of our Community.

Slowly but surely, the newly developed aims and objectives of ECGLA took on a new and lively focus and it could be said that the energy generated by that focus culminated in the highly successful NMB PRIDE event on Sept., 24th 2011 to which Christina contributed so much. Along the way, there has been a list of achievements together with small and large successes on which Christina devoted much time and talent.

The Committee of ECGLA genuinely thanks Christina for all her hard work and wishes her every success in the future; afuture which we feel sure will be filled with a great deal of hard work by Christina for her first love….Activism and Advocacy. Though no longer on the Committee of ECGLA (or of PRIDE) we know that we can always call on Christina’s skill and experience.

ECGLA Committee
Alan Edwards, Secretary.” – Alan Edwards.

August 06, 2011


You don’t know me from a bar of soap, but I found you on the Lesbians in South Africa group (because I like browsing member lists of groups) and read your profile, and the story of your life.

From what I read, you are incredibly brave, not just for what you’ve been through in years past, but for how you continue to live as an activist in the “pink army” every day. You are clearly highly intelligent and a brilliant writer (It’s so nice to read a profile blurb that doesn’t read “lol i dont no wat to tipe hr. i liek chikin.” as so many do).

And more than that, I want to say that you are a courageous, smart and beautiful woman. Regardless of how you looked in the past, you’ve always been a beautiful woman.

Just wanted to say that. Please don’t think I’m some sort of creepy Facebook stalkery person, ’cause I’m really not. 🙂

Take care, and good luck with everything you ever set your mind to accomplish.” – Kirsten.

June 03, 2011

“Hey Tina – if you see the response I’ve written lower, please don’t throw a wobbly. I’ve very recently (the last few weeks) gone through what I call the gates of love. For the first time I can see that EVERYONE starts out broken and screwed up. That makes letting go of hate, and forgiving, and loving, well it makes it child’s play. More than that – it’s only now that I truly appreciate you, and how brave you are. I could never carry the cross you carry every day. You are honestly one of the bravest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting (and the more weeks I live in my identity, the more I realise the courage that everyone has, just to stay alive as long as they have). Nevertheless, you really stand out for me. Tina: you rock!” – David Franklin.

May 29, 2011

“Good morning! How are you?

Things are going well for me, I came ‘out’ to all my friends on facebook and I’ve received nothing but unconditional support from everyone.

I want to thank you for giving me the courage to move forward with these feelings I’ve had for so long! Even my mother and sisters are happy for me and supportive. you’re an inspiration!

Thank you. Have a great day.” – Anonymous.

May 09, 2011

“Hi Christina, just a quick note to say hi, and that I have a huge amount of respect for you. Looking at your profile, and your dates for high school and national service, they are the same as mine. I have lived in Durban all my life, did my national service at Oudshoorn Infantry School, and am still a member of [removed]. Like you, I feel like I took the wrong branch in the road a while back, but unlike you, I feel I’m still travelling in the wrong direction to what I want to go. I am a closet CD, and have been since a young age as so many other Cd’s I have talked to. I spend most of my time wishing I was a woman, but then feel guilty when I think of my wife and family. I sometimes wish I could turn the clock back, where I could have come out and be the women I so desprately want to be – I feel I am living a lie, but dont want to hurt my familly. I think you are so lucky and wish you all the best.

J” – J.

April 15, 2011

“Hi Christina, just read your “About Tina” story, besides being so well written and a really inspiring read, I sat back, I felt so, so guilty. How horrible where – holy crap – school, you had a tough time at school. I remember you as being the quiet one with amazing drawing and writing talent that obviously had so much other stuff to deal with it, it amazes me you are still so positive about your school days and a fantastic inspiration to many kids at school going through similar issues, hopefully not been so bullied though.


April 13, 2011

“Chrissy – usually you write really good articles, but this one? It’s really REALLY good! It’s almost as if you grabbed virtually every thought that’s been clashing around in my head the past several months and put them into eloquent, understandable expression. Hugs!

Kimi” – Kimi Cole

April 12, 2011

“Hi Tina,

I checked out your website and just wanted to tell you that I think you are very pretty and also very brave especially in the non-accepting society that we live in. I have had suppressed gender issues for many years and regret not having transitioned like you did…I am the coward unlike you. It is now too late for me to do so as time has passed on and I have a wife with three children. The best I can do is a small bit of feminizing that is not too obvious… enough of my ramblings … just wanted to say I really look up to people like you and all the best to you.


K” – K.

December 08, 2010

“Wow, thanks for standing up for our community and taking the time to write with such passion and fervor.

Marietjie” – Marietjie.

November 24, 2010

“Geagte Me Christina Engela,

Ek wil u graag bedank vir die e-pos wat u aan die Leier van die DA gestuur het.

U ondersteuning en skrywe word baie waardeer. Glo dat die DA alles in ons vermoë doen en sal doe nom ‘n oop, geleentheidssamelewing te verseker!

Vriendelike Groete,

Rouxlé Freysen, Public Liaison Officer, Democratic Alliance Leader’s Office, Parliament of South Africa” – Rouxlé Freysen.

October 20, 2010

“Great work Christina! The world needs more like you… in Russia I read somewhere that there is a suicide every second and a lot of it is an attempt to escape the pain and abuse of bullying!” – Wayne Herschel, author.

October 19, 2010

“Christina, Thank you so much for this as I think it´s really timely in our hemisphere too…we need to know ¨who we are¨ especially when kids kill themselves because of the confusion. I´ve copied/linked to this entry for a larger message in tribute to ¨In Honor of Spirit Day¨ October 20, 2010. I hope it´s ok..thank you,

Leonardo Ricardo, Central America” – Leonardo Ricardo.

October 13, 2010

“Tina….imagine finding you on facebook.  Last time I saw you, you were busy cutting up a Beetle…  I’ve read through all of and all I can say is, wow, youve been through a lot. Congratulations on sticking to your guns.” – John De Villiers.

October 06, 2010

“Subject: Councillor

Hi Christina I woke up late (today) and realized that I would like to make myself available as councilor for next year. I have two days to submit my application. Coenie Kukkuk suggested that I approach you to nominate me, but not sure if it’s possible if we don’t really know one another? I’ve been receiving your newsletters forever though. 😉 Would you be willing to nominate me? If so, I need to following info from you please: Thanks a million. I think I’ll need to pop by in the next two days too to have the application signed.
Ruan” – Ruan.

October 06, 2010

“If you are a councilor for PE, then I am moving there.” – Levi Wilson.

October 04, 2010

“Hey Cristina, you are the best writer ever, I know you can do it 🙂 ” – Dezi van Vuuren.

August 23, 2010

“Darling I’m behind you 100 %, you will make the best ambassador for us in this country, girl you rock I hope that one day I can at least give 10% back to our community that you have given us , love ya always mwha xoxoxoxo” – Gina von Amburg.

August 18, 2010

“Thank you so much… You’ve helped us a great deal in making an inroad into bringing awareness of sexual minorities on campus. This is only the beginning.” – Busisiwe.

August 18, 2010

“As a gay man I sometimes have trouble even understanding lesbians, much less those who are transgender. Thank you for your unflinching endeavors to save people like me from our ignorance.” – Richard W. Fitch.

August 13, 2010

“Hey Christina, I am so happy you are writing again, I can’t wait for the book. I read both the chapters you published, and It is really going to be another HIT 🙂 ” – Dezi van Vuuren.

August 07, 2010

“Hi. I just wanted to let you know I came across your blog ‘Sour Grapes‘ the other day and just had to say something. It was so clever and so true. I very much enjoyed it. I’m into politics myself. I couldn’t tell you how much it bothers me when people choose to not get into politics and just remain indifferent towards what’s going on around them. I especially hate it when teenagers just copy their parent’s views on everything and don’t do any research for themselves and make their own decisions. I could spend all day reading articles on different economic systems and current event news. I just think people should care because these kind of things affect them.

Personally, I think a small government would be best. A government whose main job was to make a justice system and keep some order among everyone. I don’t think the government should be breathing down everyone’s neck though with every decision. I also believe in capitalism. Yes, there are ups and downs with capitalism, inflation and such, but it’s a cycle and will work itself out, as long as the government let’s it work itself out. I also like capitalism because it allows people to financially better themselves. You work, you earn. Plus, I don’t like the idea of the government owning all the big businesses. Like I said, keep the government small.

I’m a liberal. Let people do what they want as long as they’re not hurting anyone. It’s nobody’s business what other people want to do as long as no one is getting hurt. Especially with Gay rights and such. The only problem anyone could have with gay marriage is a religious problem, and what happened to a separation between church and state?? There are too many religions in this country to make laws based on any, even the ones practiced by the majority, in my opinion. Laws should be objective and separated from religion completely. Just because you might not understand something doesn’t mean it’s wrong or doesn’t excist. Which ironically can be an argument for religion too. Hypocritical much? I respect people and any belief they may have, because you never know, they might be right. I would just appreciate the same respect be given to me on my beliefs.

Personally, I think humans are too limited on earth to have figured out all the questions religions try to answer. Nothing on earth lasts forever, like an eternal paradise or heaven would have to. Everything on earth has some kind of limitation. How could we possibly know what an afterlife that plays by completely different rules than us is like? I think when we die, we’ll look around and go, “Shit! Were we way off or what?”

I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, except that you’re obviously a very intelligent person and I really don’t know anyone who’s interested in this kind of stuff. I’d really appreciate any feedback.

McKeea Painter” – McKeea Painter.

July 19, 2010

“Welcome Christina. You’re a stunning writer so we’re lucky to have you :)” – Antony Hebblethwaite.

July 16, 2010

“Exceptional!!! Leviticans!!! If you don’t follow Christ’s commandments, you can’t call yourself “Christian”–nor should you be referred to as “Christian”. Furthermore, we shouldn’t allow themselves to “fudge” their beliefs by calling themselves “fundamentalist” or “rightist” Christians. These “Leviticans” are no more Christians than they are ducks!

Thank you for such a timely and much needed article.” – Very Vermillion.

July 15, 2010

“Dear Christina,

I hope this email finds you well. Cobus contacted me about asking you to post at African Activist, a pan-African blog on LGBTIQ rights. I would love to have your voice as part of our blog. I have read your blog and you are an exceptional writer and we’d be proud to include you in our efforts.

Christina, you would be part of the Africa Team and would be asked to submit a post once a month (you are welcome to cross post). When we have a large enough Africa Team we would then work together on the Africa LGBTI Manifesto.

Cobus provided me with some introduction information below. If this is an opportunity you would like to pursue, please let me know and also tweak any biography information below. I will then introduce you on the blog.

Thank you for all you do for queer rights in Africa.

Antony” – Antony Hebblethwaite, activist.

July 15, 2010

“Ek hou so baie van wat jy skryf. Ek lees altyd wat jy op Litnet skryf, en hou so baie van wat jy se. Het onlangs ‘n boek gelees wat aansluit by sommige van jou gedagtes: American Fascists The Christian Right and the War on America deur ene Chris Hedges.” – Marie.

July 14, 2010

“Excellent post!! As a white Protestant male growing up in the United States I didn’t realize what xenophobia was until I came out of the closet. Since then, I have had to reexamine my life to see if, in some unknown way, I encouraged prejudice against others. I think that only when you “become” a minority, can you truly understand and appreciate the evils of xenophobia, whether it takes a racist or homophobic form.” – KyleJL.

May 15, 2010

“Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher!” – Physical Therapist.

May 05, 2010

“Dear Christina. It was an absolutely pleasure meeting with you today. You are an absolute inspiration. Your courage and determination in life has touched me so deeply. You are a remarkable person.” – Paul.

April 19, 2010

“I can only imagine how disheartening it can be to fight for something and your fellow “soldiers” are wallowing in apathy! Now I know…this hero worship has GOT to stop (hehe), BUT you literally saved my life. And at least two others… People who felt so much shame in being themselves, that they thought dying would be less of a burden on the people around them. I tell everyone who will listen about your blog, because it has meant so much to me. I was ready to call it quits and now I am openly gay and happy – because you affirmed my worth as a person.

I grew up in a fanatically Christian, conservative Afrikaans home. It was clearly understood that, if you don’t conform, you aren’t our daughter anymore. My dad passed away a year ago, on his way to Buchan’s MMC, and only then did I find the courage to admit, if only to myself, that I am gay. My mom wanted to literally disown me…I showed her many of your blog posts and it created a space for dialogue. These days she is a fierce supporter of gay rights – miracles do happen! 🙂

A lot of my (gay and straight) friends read your blog and it has opened so many eyes. The biggest homophobes I know now finally GET IT! That’s a powerful thing…reaching people at grassroots level and challenging their prejudice – because now they aren’t attacking “the dirty gays” as an abstract concept. In my experience, views change when “that dyke” is their daughter, sister or friend. So, your blog has not only impacted me, but those around me. I guess activists are mostly met with negativity, so I wanted to share my 5c worth of positivity and gratitude.” – Nadia.

April 19,2010

“Insake artikel Bloedskande, LitNet, Christina Engela.

Ek wil hiermee bevestig dat ek vir baie jare, sedert die laat 80’s en vroeë 90’s met die Westelike Provinsie Bloedoortappingsdiens in gesprek getree het oor die diskriminerende vrae op die vraelys wat deur voornemende bloedskenkers ingevul moet word.

Ek het uitdruklik beklelmtoon dat “onveilige seks en veelvuldige seksmaats” niks te doeon het uitsluitlik met gay persone nie. Ek het voorgestel dat die vraelys die volgende vrae moet insluit, ongeag van seksuele oriëntasie of gender.

“Het jy meer as een seksmaat gehad gedurende die afgelope 6 maande.”

“Het jy onveilige seks gehad met een of meer seksmaats die afgelope 6 maande.”

Dan is voorgestel dat onveilige/veiliger seksmetodes kortliks uitgespel moet word as voetnota.

My pleidooie het op dowe ore geval behalwe dat 5 jaar verander is na 6 maande. ‘n Hele lêer, gemerk AIDS — BLOOD TRANSFUSION is in my argief geliasseer om hierdie volgehoue korrespondensie te bevestig.

Ek stem heelhartig met Christina Engela saam dat ‘n vrou mag inloop, met veelvuldige seksmaats en onveilige seks, en heel maklik kan bloed skenk, terwyl die gay mans (trans-gender persoon) dalk net een manlike seksmaat in ‘n monogame verhouding kan hê en dan uitgelsuit mag word van bloedskenking.

Ek stuur nou ‘n kopie van hierdie brief aan die WPBOD/WPBTS om daarmee weer navraag te doen oor die huidige beleid en huidige vraelys, sodat hierdie briefwisseling daarna weer opgevolg kan word.

Ek het dit ook aangestuur aan ‘n aantal belanghebbendes.

Emeritus Professor GJ (Deon) Knobel

Regsgeneeskunde, Universiteit Kaapstad” – Emeritus Professor GJ (Deon) Knobel.

March 27, 2010

Global Voices quoted Christina Engela’s activism blog:


March 09, 2010

“I’m thinking of having a t-shirt made for Joburg pride this year …”Christina Engela for President” I wonder what the consequences will be??” – Bjorn Becker Angiers.

March 06, 2010

“Hello Christina,

This is Gustavo Camelot, the director of Broken Glass. I just wanted to drop you a quick not thanking you for writing such a fantastic review of the film. Thank you. I feel honoured!

With a big hug and wishing you all the best,

THE SEVENTH BOTTLE FILMS” – Gustavo Camelot, Director, ‘Broken Glass’.

February 26, 2010

“Hi Tina,
I live in the UK and like yourself, I am a TG author with Lulu although you have published a great deal more than I. Now we Brits are so narrow-minded! When I read that you lived in SA, my first emotion was one of pity. Goodness me, I thought, not only is she TG, but she has to put up with living in an oppressive society who probably doesn’t tolerate her at all! But what do I know! I’ve never been anywhere. Then I discovered your site and felt I must heap praise upon you.

I myself am very low key. More like a hermit actually, but that suits me. I’m happy to be who I am, and one of my pet sayings is, ‘what you think of me is none of my business’.

Anyhoo…you sound like a great deal of fun, and I’m sure your energies go right into your work. They look like a lot of fun as well. I hope you earn well from your books, now and in the future.

Best Wishes and it was great to have found your site,
Happy writing,

Molly”. – Molly.

February 26, 2010

“Hello Tina,

My name is Penny and I live in the U.S., in Florida. I just read your “16 Days of Double standards” in “The Monster from the Blog” site and derived so much satisfaction from it. You write well. Your blog really puts this dialogue right where it belongs, right back in the lap of all our detractors. Since I am getting ready for my SRS, I have been trying to stay away from reading all the transphobic diatribe. It tends to get me quite rowed and my immediate response is to want to write a fierce rebuttal (hopefully as good as yours!). Case in point, I have been recently following the infamous British transphobe and old style feminist, Julie Bindel, calling her out on her incredibly hypocritical and personal one-woman campaign against transsexual/transgender women.

Your website is very attractive and well put together. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live and on a continent where extreme hate of trans people is by far the norm. You’re very courageous for being so out as an advocate where you are. Not surprising that you’re in the computer field. I am an electronics engineer myself, in the radio communications field.

Btw, are you on Facebook? If so, would you mind me friending you there?

Anyway, hope this letter finds its way to you.

Penny”. – Penny.

February 02, 2010

“Hi Christina
I was impressed with your letter to the Herald. You may have noticed that I tend to be a regular contributor to same but find it fascinating the apathy of East Gape guys and girls generally on issues. People seem to think you don’t make a difference but you do. When Ster Kinekor did not send down Brokeback Mountain, I wrote a scathing letter to the Herald accusing them of homophobia (I actually knew it was about distribution issues so that was a bit unfair) and in their response they noted they were not but said they would film it for 2 weeks. It was a small success but it made a difference in lives albeit a few. I want to encourage you to carry on even if you feel sometimes alone on issues. As regards B and myself, we have been in a wonderfully monogomous relationship and are very much in love for 12 plus years. We practiced safe sex for the first 6 and then were tested by being “forced” through Old Mutual. The fact that we have only had sex with each other during the 12 year period does not matter to the blood donation folks. I confronted their spokesperson, he noted that we practiced risky sex. I carefully explained to him that for 6 years we were monogomous then tested and negative and therefore were the safest of anyone. He said it is because we practiced anal sex in the last 6 months. Trying to explain that it did not matter the type of sex -if you are monogomous and negative you cannot be at risk. If you ever write again and want to use feel free. I noted in an earlier letter that I did not want to hear about shortages as those victim blood were directly on their hands. It did not seem to phase. Anyway please keep up the good work. You are a star !

Wayne” – Wayne.

January 15, 2010

“Hi Christina

Wow, don’t know what to say… I’m a 24-year old, recently semi-out-of-the-closet (if that makes any sense :)) woman… a week ago I would have added the term unshakable Christian…but now I’m not so sure. I joined the FB group re. the Ugandan anti-homosexuality bill and started reading…and couldn’t stop… from there I discovered your blog and read almost a year’s worth in a few days’ time… then I moved over to Litnet’s Gay forum.

All I have to say is this – RESPECT! I’m so unbelievably grateful that I stumbled across your writings… I have been through the turmoil of hating myself and seriously considering the ex-gay route to try and save my sinful nature from and eternity in hell (!), and only after reading your blog, did I FINALLY find a clear, truthful voice! Thank you so much for spreading the TRUTH, as well as a message of acceptance & understanding … it takes a strong woman to say what is right, not what is popular.

Just had to thank you – I know I’m a stranger to you, but you most certainly aren’t a stranger to me… you have impacted my life in a huge way … and, almost more importantly, showed my that I am allowed to question the status quo. I pray that, in this coming year, you experience true joy & success in your life – and that you continue changing the world, one person at a time.

Much respect!

Nadia” – Nadia.

January 14, 2010

“Wow Christina.. All I and Hester can get out is wow… you have such an amazing story.Wow.. All I can say right now is may God bless you!  You are loved by Him/ Her and you were created for a specific purpose which you have shared with people here on fb… maybe it is time to go out there and tell it to the whole world… Celebrate your uniqueness… God Bless you!

Wilmien” – Wilmien.

January 12, 2010

“Hi Christina,

Thanks for doing so much for the poor animals we dearly love and have to put up with the firework. Govn  should have taken care of this long ago and ban it this should  not to take place any where.
No for fireworks at all.
Rhea” – Rhea.

January 11, 2010

“Hi Christina,

I just read your post on the Ecclesia de Lange support group page and it brought back a flood of emotion as I recognized Barry in your writing and identify with what you say. Indeed, a courageous man! It was him that provided me initial support, him in PE and me in Jo’burg, when engaging on my own coming out journey before bring it home to my local church and family. The way Barry handled my fears etc was done in such a humble manner, yet in so doing, this same humility instilled courage. You may not understand or appreciate what that fully means to me but I can assure you that I am deeply grateful for Barry’s work. What a man!!!!


Mike” – Mike.

January 06, 2010

“It was good to see that the author of the genocide report agrees with you that the violence against the pink community falls in to that very category. There are all to many saying that ‘gays’ fall outside any human rights definition of genocide. Thanks for a very thought provoking article.” – Richard W. Fitch.

 January 06, 2010

“Your recent piece “8 Steps” piece on BTB, like all of your writings, was excellent.” –Michael Bussee, BoxTurtle Bulletin.

 January 05, 2010

“Brilliant work Christina.  Lovely meeting you in person the other day.  Take care.” – Karen Kelly.

 November 21, 2009

“We look at society and think we have done so little in such a long existence. But we agree with you love, transgendered persons suffer the most out of all the groups in society. Know you always have our love, respect and support. We’ve got your back, and thank god you have ours!!! – Love Claud and Alice” – Claudia and Alice Connacher.

 November 12, 2009

“Hi there,

Just wanted to drop a quick thanks for all the hard work you put into fighting for the rights – everybody deserves equal rights and it takes lots of like minded people to make a difference.

Great going,
Reanne” – Reanne.

November 01, 2009

To the Chairperson of ECGLA and all her committee members

Congratulations on the new website!

I would like to wish you and your committee all the best for the future. The Eastern Cape has always been the Forgotten Land of SA, the EC gay community even more so. Perhaps you guys can and will change it all?

It is always interesting to see in publications which feature gay organisations, events, clubs, activities etc. that the Easter Cape is never mentioned. The time has come for that to change. Hopefully ECGLA will not only put the EC back in the news, but make it the nr 1 news maker!

Something which has always bothered me is the lack of entertainment for gay people in PE. Cape Town, Pretoria, JHB and Durban all have fantastic venues with even more fantastic events taking place on a weekly basis. Yet PE has always struggled to do something nice for its gay community. To be seriously considered is a venue where the people can meet, dance etc. Not the low class, and very dangerous, gay clubs which we have so far seen in the city. There are so many gay people who would like to get out and meet with other gays, but just no DECENT place to go. I am not saying that it must be up-market and exclusive, but certainly a place where people can go and enjoy themselves but still feel safe. Middle to upper class. I am sure there are enough people to make it work. ECGLA could perhaps make it one of their tasks to get something like that off the ground. Thanks for the ‘gat’ parties. It is a good start.

I need to make special mention of the very welcome bits of international and SA news which you send me from time to time. I read it all. I have always been thinking that gays are being accepted more and more readily all over the world, but my gosh your news snippets have changed all that! I realize now that we have to stand together and be far more pro-active and active to try and change all that. I have nightmares knowing about the Ray McCauleys of this world, Nigeria, Uganda and – yes! even the USA and the way in which they regard and treat gays. Public hanging of gays or even suspected gays in the Muslim countries (I have seen photographs) send shivers up my spine. Not knowing what is going on is what makes us all so ‘don’t care’ about these things. This is why the little news snippets should be kept going, however difficult it may be. It keeps us informed. Congratulations on work well done in this regard.

I shall make a point of sending you material which you can use in your newsletters and on your website. Please just give me some time.

Wishing you all the best for an exciting future,

Prof Cobus Zeelie
Port Elizabeth, South Africa” – Prof Cobus Zeelie.

October 18, 2009

“I adore you, Chrissy…and not in some suck-up or pervy way.  I mean that you are one awesome person and I constantly find myself thinking that you are a good person to have on this planet.

Arvan Reese,

SexGenderBody” – Arvan Reese, Sex-Gender-Body.

October 07, 2009

“Wow… I might have to reread all of that so I can digest everything you have said and secondly linearise the points I would like to emphasize. Good grief.

Well, firstly I would like to applaud you on an unbelievably relevant article; it seems a growing concern within today’s society but as often as these ignorant twats are bitching,  it hasn’t really made a difference as yet. Within South Africa alone we are fortunate enough to have been granted all the rights we need to allow us to live quite comfortably. The reality of it all is that we are all apposed to bigotry but, what is anyone really doing about it. It’s not like you can form an organization apposed to negativity?? I mean come on, we are different, I am a girl, I have sex with a girl, there’s no way that wont raise a couple eye-brows.

I feel there are three different fields of action, education, religion and socio-political circumstance. There is no swaying the opinion and ideology of a conservative adult. Not only would that be fruitless but it would also be opposing religion which wouldn’t really leave us all in good stead. So that basically rules out two strategies. The only real way to change our ‘social’ circumstance is by educating at a grass-roots level. It’s not so much suburbia, granted it’s not peachy but it’s looking a lot better than it did ten years ago, but I feel the only real difference one can make is within disadvantaged areas. Sure one has to take into account social and cultural conditioning, however shouldn’t schools and organization based within rural areas, ‘lifting’ the community take into account the ‘Homosexual condition’ in areas where it as not as common as say, the suburbs. also taking into account where the majority of hate crimes occur.

Another point I would like to bring up is the fact that yes, being gay is definitely not an attractive choice, but that is our own fucking fault. Gay pride for example, I cannot even begin to understand why organizations and specifically clubs who associate with the gay culture choose to throw massive parties on that day, granted it is a celebration of our rights, but isn’t it turning ‘being gay’ into a hub of drug and alcohol abuse? I know how that sounds, but when it comes to any relative playing field gay clubs and organizations should be promoting being gay not getting fucked all day.

Look its just a couple thoughts that have been going through my head. Feel free to disagree, im always up for a debate.  thanks for the food for thought, I enjoyed it.

Caz” – Caz.

September 17, 2009

“You keep on doing what you are doing.. Kudos to you we will never be a free and fair nation as long as any type of discrimination is ongoing… have a great day and thanks for the good work.

Charleen” – Charleen.

August 19, 2009


I love your writing and if you are interested, I could place you in the main column, as a Feature Author.

The diary column, where you just posted has no commitment level…post once, post daily, comment only…whatever is desired.  The good ones end up in the recommended list, above.

Feature Authors post twice a week, over 700 word, in an area of their focus.  I try to place strong voices there, that have some aspect of a sex, gender, body as their passion and focus.  I am looking for someone to write on advocacy, rights and LGBTQA issues.

Your voice is a perfect fit.

Of course, you would be cross-posting and linking back to your site.  You can even use older, previously posted material, since it will be new to a lot of people reading it here.

I would love to have you here and I am certain that your content is relevant, powerful and honest.

Arvan Reese”. – Arvan Reese, Sex-Gender-Body.

July 13, 2009

“I have been following your your posts. I am sorry to hear about your struggles especially where the Christian church is concerned. I do not ever remember Jesus speaking such harsh words as what I have read. When Jesus spoke harshly it was usually against the church. I have struggled with my own gender identity since I was 8. Coming was never an option. However, I am now serving the church as clergy. Maybe God has called to make a difference so that the church will be seen as where we can all go and not an institution of judgment. Y’all are in my prayers. At some point soon maybe I or you or someone will be able to publish written works calling for a Christ-like attitude to be expressed. Keep up the fight.

David” – David.

June 29, 2009

“Christina for President, you are an inspiration!!!!! If more of us were like you, I think we would have been so much better off, most of us just stand around taking all this crap, well me for a start is over that, it’s time to change our way of acting!!!!

Peter Ungerer” – Peter Ungerer.

June 18, 2009

“Hi Tina

Thank you so much for your wonderful website which I studied backwards and forwards. I admire you for your strength and determination and wish I just would have had the same years ago but I suppose I will die in a male body.


Natasha” – Natasha.

June 10, 2009

“Thanx. At least I know there are people who try.

Steph” – Steph.


“Dark humor and some blood and guts sprinkled with light-hearted fun! Left me begging for more at the end!”- Angie Pote (on “Dead Man’s Hammer” by Christina Engela).

“Serious health warning: do not consume foodstuffs while reading!  Choke, laugh, giggle and snort factor of 12 out of 10!” – Angie Pote (on “The Time Saving Agency” by Christina Engela).

“I laughed, I giggled, I blew coke all over the monitor!” – Angie Pote (onBlack Sunriseby Christina Engela).

“A wildly funny adventure that leaves you simultaneously in tears and stitches. This is a bit blunt, but I swear I pissed myself laughing!” – Angie Pote (onBlachartby Christina Engela).

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