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Galaxii Series: Book 4

Action! Adventure! Space Opera!

The starship I.S.S. Munray is a ship crewed by a lot of ill-disciplined misfits barely one step away from another court-martial – and the Captain’s the worst of the lot! When the opportunity presents itself for Vice-Admiral Beens to rid himself of the troublesome, malingering Wynne Polluk, he jumps at the chance to introduce a new broom – in the form of one Sonia La Belle.

In order to meet the deadline, she must deal with all the obstacles in her path; an old rundown ship whose engines lie disassembled, an uncooperative senior staff, and a negative, hopeless crew who’d probably be more at home in the stockade than running a starship! Captain La Belle quickly whips both ship and crew back into some sort of shape, and the Munray soon resumes its life of routine space patrol.

However, her sense of accomplishment and wellbeing are disrupted when the Munray is diverted to pursue a pair of dangerous fugitives – wily Corsairs who’ve escaped from a max-security facility – but not just any old prison, one that was supposed to be escape-proof! Now, driven by their need for revenge, they lead their pursuers across the galaxy in a cat and mouse chase which will push ship and crew – and their Captain – to their limits!

Together, the crew of the Munray must overcome all obstacles, track down and apprehend the Corsair fugitives – and do so in time to prevent the destruction of Earth!

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