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2016 Facebook QuantumThe Quantum Series is a series of sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels by Christina Engela, set in what might be considered the not too distant future, perhaps in a parallel dimension. The Quantum Series is set in the same universe as the Galaxii Series (also by Christina Engela) and technically follows onto that series, but a century or so later in the same timeline, and usually in different settings.

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A Little Background

Before the Quantum Series existed, up to 2015, the first four titles in the Quantum Series originally formed part of the Galaxii Series – which then spanned 8 titles, including a collection of short stories.

The first four titles of Quantum had been set to follow after Dead Beckoning, which was title 3 of Galaxii – but there was such a large gap between the two stories that needed filling by then incomplete titles, that would still take years to fill! In the meantime, the four already completed Quantum titles lay on the sidelines, while Christina pondered how to deal with the gap.

If she released all 7 then-completed simultaneously as part of the same series, with all of them being in a sequence, how was she to clarify the sequence of titles, with an as-yet unknown number of titles that could still be completed within the gap between Dead Beckoning and Black Sunrise?

The author finally decided to split the Galaxii Series in two, between Dead Beckoning and Black Sunrise in order to solve this dilemma. The later already completed four novels would form the Quantum Series, while the original first three titles would continue to form the basis of the Galaxii Series.

There was also a second reason why Christina Engela opted to separate her stories into two distinct series – while the Galaxii Series is more serious in tone, the Quantum Series is lighter, more eccentric and more humorous, despite addressing specific human rights issues such as discrimination, prejudice, hate-crime, war and even genocide, which are really very heavy topics that need to be treated with appropriate sensitivity.

Christina continues to write stories in both series, with 4 new titles (Prodigal Sun, High Steaks, Fortitude and The Last Hurrah) to be added to the Quantum Series by the end of 2018.


The Quantum Series by Christina Engela:

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