Storm Area 51! Let’s See Them Aliens! Etc!

Apparently today’s the day – 20 September… and by all indications, people are actually boarding planes and heading to Nevada to ‘see them aliens’! Events are being booked by various interested parties and interest appears to be at an all-time high – there’s even a music festival being organized – despite thinly-coated ‘soft’ warnings from the US military that intruders will be met with ‘deadly force’!

As a matter of fact, just a few days ago, a couple of European tourists were busted three miles deep into Area 51, and although they lived – being arraigned and convicted in what seems like record time before being deported – it’s doubtful they’ll ever be allowed back into the US again.

Hard as it may be to conceive, some people seem to think camping out on a very well-defended secret military installation – and actually considering storming it in an attempt to uncover its secrets – is a great idea, or that there will be an afterwards for them… But I suppose they’re counting on weight of numbers to help with that… “they can’t stop all of us” the organizers said. Then again, the people who first crossed no-mans land in East Berlin in 1989 and started hammering away at the Wall faced the same dillemma – and that was far more visibly fortified and guarded than Area 51…

In honor of this extraordinary event, I wrote a short story – which you can read here, with my most sincere compliments!

The Storming Of Area 51 by Christina Engela

It was a Friday, but not just any Friday – it was Friday the 20th of September, 2019 – and somewhere in the wide open spaces of Nevada, just off route 375 (often called “The Extraterrestrial Highway”), a crowd had gathered outside a gate manned by a quite large assembly of armed military personnel. More →