The Tech Side #13 Imperial Starships – Battlespringers

In the Galaxii universe, battlespringers are scaled-down compact starships used by the Terran Space Fleet. Several of my stories are set aboard battlespringers, for example short stories, “The Devils In The Sky” and “Beyond”, so my readers should be slightly familiar with these ships.

When I first envisioned battlespringers, how they looked in my minds’ eye then was a little more vague and different. They were a little rough perhaps, but as time went by my vision of them crystalized and became somewhat clearer and more exacting – as was necessary when I set one of my series aboard a starship of this type. All titles in the Panic! Horror In Space series feature the I.S.S. Mercury, also a battlespringer.

Today in The Tech Side, we take a closer look at the battlespringer.

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