Christina Engela Se Stories Binnekort Ook In Afrikaans Beskikbaar!

As U lief is om in Afrikaans te lees – en veral opsoek is na wetenskap-fiksie, en het al amper weggekwyn van die lus om UITMUNDENDE wetenskap-fiksie in Afrikaans te lees – is U drome nou op die punt van verwesenliking!

Christina Engela het nou ook ‘n Afrikaanse Winkel blad op haar amptelike skrywer webwerf , waarop haar boeke wat uit Engels vertaal is, sal vertoon!

Die eerste een – ‘Die Dertiende Skip’  – ‘n gratis Afrikaanse vertaling van haar kortverhaal ‘The Thirteenth Ship‘ is klaar daar!

die-dertiende-skip-gratis More

Year-End Message 2016

christina-engela-2Hello fans!

December 2016. This is the end of a very busy year for all of us I’m sure – and for me it meant recovering from the blow of losing a publisher, and going back to indie publishing… reformatting, editing and republishing my own books – RECOVERING – and becoming determined to never again put my writing freedom in the hands of someone else! As a writer it’s been an exceptionally difficult year – not just in terms of recovering to the point where I was before August 2014 when I signed on to that publisher, but to be far better!

It was also a rewarding one in terms of what I have learned and how I have grown! In the time during which my book’s fates were in the hands of others, I learned more about the publishing industry, formatting, cover design and marketing than I knew before. I also gained the irreplaceable friendship and loyal support of a few – most prominently Wendy K. Gloss – whose personal support and her efforts to market my work have proved decisive! In fact, she is probably the only reason you know about my writing, or about me.

That said, this difficult and complicated year is now, finally, at an end. More

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