This is the “official” author site* for Christina Engela, one of South Africa’s most unique and skilled storytellers. Christina brings a wealth of personal experience to each of her stories, having already written three distinct science fiction and horror series and also several non-fiction titles. She is best known for her realistic characterization and for casting fully-fleshed-out LGBT characters in leading roles. With several new offerings already in the pipeline, including several standalone titles, 2020 is bound to be a busy year for her fans!

Christina’s works are available in three different formats: EBooks, Paperbacks, Audiobooks, Movies & Series. Click the links or images below to view titles available in these formats.

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*This website is about Christina Engela, author. To view Christina’s previous human rights advocacy work, visit Sour Grapes: The Fruit Of Ignorance.

Christina is proudly associated with Moon Books Publishing.

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Some of her works have been translated into other languages – please visit the following pages to view available titles in the following languages: Afrikaans.

TIP: If you want to know what Christina Engela writes, or who her focus group or target market is, please read here.

If you’d like to send Christina Engela a question about her life as a writer or transactivist, please send an email to or use the Contact form.

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