Fun Fact #2: About Those Flatular Canaries…

Today in Fun Facts, a series of articles about characters and plot devices in my stories, I’ll be talking about Flatular Canaries.

Flatular Canaries are another odd species of bird on Deanna, the main setting of tales told in the Quantum Series. These strange little feathered oddities are small, about the size of a tennis ball, and covered in light gray feathers.
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The head is topped with longer, looser, much darker feathers that give the creatures a frazzled, ‘blown-up’ sort of appearance. Their beaks are short and sharp, and they tend to favor Ribold Berries and Rabid Beans in their diet – which goes a long way to explain their name.
Flatular canaries have no vocal chords, so the origin of their name, while whimsical, shouldn’t be too hard to guess! During mating season, flatular canaries are known to swell to twice their normal size and their unique mating calls have been recorded by amateur birders from all over the Terran Empire – and also resulted in some extraordinary public health warnings!

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