Another Round At The Crow Bar: #25 January 2019


Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 25th newsletter!

In Brief:

Hi folks! You may be wondering why I’ve been so quiet since December – my newsletter is usually out early in the month… but there’s been nothing heard from me for quite a while! No, I have not been abducted by aliens, and there is absolutely no truth to the rumor that I’d been assimilated! The truth is, I’m still alive and kicking and enjoying a nice long holiday at home! I needed a nice long break from everything, and I was lucky enough to get it! That being said, I haven’t touched anything at all reading or writing-related since around mid-December, but I’ll be back in the saddle in early February when I go back to work …and in more ways than one!

The holiday was eventful for us – instead of packing our lives into a car and driving off somewhere out of town for the silly season, my better half and I prefer to spend our holidays at home – where we have all our familiar comforts and amenities (and our two kitties) and we don’t spend money unnecessarily on travel or accommodation (which given the state of the South African economy) has become quite expensive in the last five years or so. With that in mind, we have gradually worked to make our home a sanctuary, our little paradise, a hideout away from the world. Given that we live in a reasonably ordinary three bedroom, semi-detached home dating from 1901, with a small garden at the back, it’s been my priority to renovate and decorate our home to our tastes. It’s also amazing how much you can do in terms of advancing your privacy, to shut the world outside …OUT!

My better half, Kay and I spent a quiet festive season alone together, visiting the beach, and watching lots of videos. I spent some time doing the usual home improvement exercises. In fact, since she started working in the middle of my holiday, she says once I’m back at work again, she will get a chance to rest – apparently I keep her rather busy when I’m on holiday! (Sorry Love!) Oh, I think I will be nicely recharged by the time I sit back down in front of a PC to start writing again!

On the book news front, I don’t have terribly much for you – mainly because I was on holiday and haven’t done anything at all new yet – except for a few things.

My shop website ( has finally been generating some sales, which I’m very happy about! Also, yesterday I installed a new plugin which allows visitors to switch between currencies – at this stage only two, being USD ($) and ZAR (R). This works nicely, and all the visitor has to do to view the price of the book they’re viewing in either USD or Rands, is to click on the appropriate tag on the upper left part of the page.

In early January I was approached by a local South African film studio for material to use in a short film project. I haven’t had any feedback yet, but I’m hopeful that something good (other than just experience) will come of it.

I’m keen and itching to carry on working on “Where Darkness Softly Treads” (book 5 in Galaxii), “Panic #4” and the next three titles in Quantum – “Moon Jockeys”, “Underground Movement” (novelettes) and “Fortitude” (book 7). So many stories, so little time!

On top of all that, I still have to execute the planned update of the Quantum Series covers and format sizes (print version) which should occur sometime in February!

On with the show!

New Releases

These are my most recent new releases:

In August, I was very proud to present my very first short animated film: “Bang! Splat!”: A children’s story …for adults! “Bang! Splat!” is based on “Innocent Minds“, and features some of the characters from my Quantum Series of novels – namely, Dr. Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy. Dr. Gleichstein is a quantum physicist – and as everyone knows by now, quantum physics is a little like ordinary physics, except that you spend a little more time looking for your eyebrows.

“Deanna is a quaint planet, home to odd-ball quantum physicist Dr. Gleichstein and his little dog Vluffy… and a few uninvited guests.

The Herr Doktor and Vluffy are faced with quite a conundrum – even bigger than the Doktor regularly losing his eyebrows. Their home is overrun by mutant two-headed cockroaches – and not even a hammer will stop them! However will they solve this problem?”

Read more here.

Watch: YouTube (it’s free!)

On 14 August I announced the release of “Christina Engela’s Book of Candid Quotes”, a free downloadable ebook containing a large number of quotes.

Many of these come from my activism days when I wrote and shared articles almost daily to address various social injustices on local and international stages.

I think they’re pretty good, so I decided to share them with the world.

I hope you enjoy them, find something thought provoking, and share it as well.

Free download: eBook (Lulu)

Currently Available Titles:

The Galaxii Series

"Blachart" by Christina Engela "Demonspawn" by Christina Engela "Dead Beckoning" by Christina Engela "Lange's Legacy" by Christina Engela "The Galaxii Series Omnibus 1" by Christina Engela

The Quantum Series

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Panic! Horror In Space

 Panic! Horror In Space #2 Front 


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On A Personal Note

  • Fan Mail & Honorable Mentions
  1. Indigo now have the updated versions (Fifth Edition) of my Galaxii Series titles on their site in Canada.

I display my Fan Mail & Compliments with pride, gratitude and humility. You are always welcome to have a look.

  • Hate Mail & Horrible Mentions

I’m rather proud of my hate mail, and you can review it here – but be forewarned, don’t do it while eating or drinking or you might choke while laughing at it!

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In Closing

Well, that’s all for this time, folks! 🙂

Thanks again for all your support, friendship and interaction! Until next time, keep reading!

Cheers! 🙂

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