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Hello there, friends and fans!

Normally I post about my writing, but today I’ll be talking about something completely different – music! That’s right… music!

In 1999 I came across a program called eJay, which is an application that allows users to mix audio tracks, and supplies thousands upon thousands of loops and sound samples! I was so excited by this discovery, that between 1999 and 2005 – using successive editions of eJay (and a few other apps), I created a string of music tracks!

You can listen to them via the dedicated music page on my website, or directly from my video channel on YouTube.

In 2020 I compiled them together in an album called “Majestic – The Best of Christina Engela 1999-2008”. Majestic is a selection of tracks, including the nice ones and maybe some not-so-nice ones – that greatly depends on your taste! They fall in the House, Techno and Mixed genres, but I tend to have my own style in just about everything!

What’s this in aid of – am I planning to go into music as a career? Do I see myself as a potential future stage music star? Er – no… No, probably not. It’s just that I enjoyed making them – and listening to them occasionally – that I felt like sharing them.

If you like them, let me know. If not, well… c’est la vie – and just keep it to yourself if you can’t say something nice! Fun was had by all.

I’m working to get my YouTube channel off the ground, so a few follows would be appreciated! It would also be really nice if you would also drop some reviews or comments on the tracks you like on YouTube! There are other videos on my channel there too, so feel free to look around!

So here you go, look and listen, enjoy!

Until next time,

Cheers! 🙂

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