Where Can You Find My Stuff? Just About Everywhere!

I know some of you sci fi and horror fans may be wondering where you can find my books – so I thought I’d post this little bulletin to tell you! After all, I am an indie author working through an indie ‘small press’ publisher, so you may be wondering where I hide my books! Alright – you can exhale now – I’ll tell you! Standby – all will soon be revealed!

Most of my books are available on Amazon in eBook, paperback and – thanks to Brandon Mullins (owner & CEO of Moon Books Publishing) increasingly in audiobook format as well! So if you see a print copy or an audiobook of one of my books for sale on Amazon or Audible, it’s been handled by Moon Books! Moon Books also has most of my eBooks up for sale and download on their website along with titles by their other authors!

As I explained in an earlier article about distribution and publishing platforms for indie authors, I also distribute eBook versions of my books myself! The reason I do so is to increase my reach, so that I can use the tools at my disposal to their maximum good! Each platform has a lot of overlap in their distribution destinations and channels, but there are a lot of other destinations that aren’t covered by all of them. What I’ve done is to spread my eggs across several baskets – while preventing overlap in destinations. So far, it seems to be paying off.

To this end, I also self-publish my books via Smashwords, EBooks2go, Draft2Digital and Streetlib. As a direct result of all the interconnecting distribution channels, my books tend to really get around – so you can find them on all the following online stores and libraries:

There’s also a string of destinations that don’t show book listings on the internet, but which make my books available as in-app purchases or subscription-only items, such as Apple Books, Baker & Taylor, Bookbeat, Scribd, Tolino, Vivlio and a host of others.

Although Payhip is a direct sales platform and not exactly a distribution hub, I also have most of my titles up there for sale as well.

Of course, ALL my books are also available for sale and download in eBook format from my author website shop page itself – for less than you can get them anywhere else! Plus, on Christina Engela – Author, you can also get three neat virtual box sets of ebooks that will save you even more money!

So now you know where to find them, happy reading – and don’t forget to leave reviews! 🙂

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