Another Round @ The Crow Bar #6 June 2017


Hello friends and fans!

Welcome to my 6th newsletter: June 2017 – jam-packed with tidbits and information about new releases and projects I’m currently busy with!

Coming up in this edition of Another Round @ The Crow Bar:Regular updates and a monthly spotlight on one of my books, this time “Dead Beckoning“, the third title in the Galaxii Series!

New Releases

June 2017 kicked off with the launch of “High Steaks“, the sixth title in the The Quantum Series and sequel to the recently launched “Prodigal Sun“! If you want to know more about the story being told in “High Steaks“, you can find more info here: What Readers Can Expect In “Prodigal Sun”, “High Steaks”, “Fortitude” & “The Last Hurrah”. If you would like to read the release, here it is: Just Released! “High Steaks”, book 6 in the Quantum Series by Christina Engela.

Also released during May, “The Peed-Off Peasant’s Collection Of Awesome Parking Memes” provides printable memes that can be left under the windshield wipers of cars that are illegally parked in your driveway! That’s right, instead of hastily scribbling a powerful angry note that might get you into trouble, you can print and choose from a stack of these witty, clearly legible items to embarrass, shame and show up offenders!

The Galaxii Series

I’ve been busy with ‘Panic!’ and upcoming titles in the Quantum Series, so I still haven’t got round to title 4 “Where Darkness Softly Treads” yet! Sorry! 😉 I should get round to it soon as I feel like writing something darker for a change.

The Quantum Series

With the release of “High Steaks” this week, the Quantum Series now consists of six titles! Work is progressing on “Fortitude” and I hope to get that out by December or January 2018.

To get a better idea of what this story is about, read What Readers Can Expect In “Prodigal Sun”, “High Steaks”, “Fortitude” & “The Last Hurrah”.

Panic! Horror In Space

The first title “Panic! Horror In Space #1” is available in paperback and ebook versions on various distribution platforms including Amazon and Lulu.

“Panic! Horror In Space #2” is also complete, with a release planned for August.

Panic! is a sci-fi/horror series, which will have some decidedly sci-fi characters encountering some decidedly horror entities – ghosts, haunted objects, zombies, etc. along with my usual twisted brand of humor!

As a fan of paranormal investigator TV shows, I really enjoying writing this new series!

Short Fiction

Panic! Horror In Space” has taken most of my writing time in the last few weeks, so it’s likely that “Space Really Sucks!” will be delayed a good while yet.


Trumpocalypse” (Horrified Press), containing my poem “State Capture“, which was published in May can be bought here.


Nothing to report in this section this time!


Nothing to report in this section this time!


Nothing new to report in this section for now. Several translations into Afrikaans are currently available for free on the shop site’s Afrikaans page. In the meantime, if you have any up-to-date English-Afrikaans dictionaries newer than 2010 containing new words about technology and stuff you want to get rid of, please keep us in mind!


Nothing to report in this section this time!


There are no competitions currently running.

On A Personal Note

  • Fan Mail & Honorable Mentions

Noticed in the past month by my long-suffering PA Wendy K. Gloss, were the following honorable mentions:

  1. Mambaonline quoted me in an article about a local South African hate-preacher who got taken on about her promotion of false information that gay people are not biologically gay by nature and that they can be ‘prayed’ (or is that ‘preyed’) straight. “The book excerpt was met with disbelief and anger from members of the LGBTQ community. Activist Christina Engela commented: “Gretha Wiid has obviously gone beyond the effort of NOT researching sexual orientation or gender identity issues to simply spout her own bigoted, ignorant and biased views on LGBT people.”” The issue has escalated, since after a few days of backing and forthing, the SA Human Rights Commission is investigating Ms. Wiid for her homophobia.

I display my Fan Mail & Compliments with pride, gratitude and humility. You are always welcome to have a look.

  • Hate Mail

May was rather quiet on the hate mail front.

(I’m rather proud of my hate mail, and you can review it here – but be forewarned, don’t do it while eating or drinking or you might choke while laughing!)

  • Reviews & Interviews

Nothing new during this past month! If you would like to do an interview with me about my works, please do get in touch!

  • New Videos

Here is the book trailer video for “High Steaks”!

  • New Listings

All my books now seem to be listed just about everywhere – except for the ones I haven’t published yet! As of this month, new listings include Foyles Bookshop chain (UK), Book Depository and 24 Symbols, who now also stock my books.

Monthly Book Spotlight [Spoiler Alert]: Galaxii Series 03 – “DEAD BECKONING”

The second title in the Galaxii Series, “Dead Beckoning” is the third title in the Galaxii Series, a saga set in a distant future. Sona Kilroy is the one that got away – the most dangerous Corsair of them all! Having survived the fall of Meradinis, the Corsair base world, and escaped the full might of the assembled Terran Space Fleet, he has outwitted and captured an Imperial warship! Using the Indomitable, he has set about rebuilding the Corsair culture on  another world in the dark depths of the Omegan Quadrant, from where he threatens to wreak piratical vengeance upon every Terran colonist in deep space – and he has put a bounty on Blachart’s head for good measure.

Blachart is a reformed Corsair who, while making the most of his new imperial pardon –  and going by the name Adam – has only just begun to forge a relationship with Marsha, a girl who came to the fringe to make a fresh start, and to get away from her former male past.

For Marsha, life out on the fringe is definitely not what she expected – and for her, having met someone she can finally feel safe and open with is a relief met with the counter-weight of risk to her safety by whatever it is this man has got himself into.

Adam is recruited by the Space Fleet on the barely-established new Terran colony of Caries – in the person of Captain Mykl d’Angelo of the starship Antares – to help them hunt down a dangerous fugitive …an old acquaintance of his, a Corsair – but not just any old space pirate – the most cunning and vicious of them all!

I.S.S. Antares

Mykl d’Angelo – the closest thing Adam has to a friend in the universe – asks Adam’s help to hunt down Sona Kilroy, end the threat of Corsairs once and for all, and to put an end to the bounty on his life – comes at exactly the right time! Together they embark on a wild adventure to find, capture or end Kilroy – before it’s too late!

This is the third episode in the Galaxii Series, and the second story in which Mykl d’Angelo, Ripley Jones and Blachart appear – along with the characters from the second title, “Demonspawn” – chiefly Captain Joe Lofflin and his crew from the I.S.S. Mordrake.

The I.S.S. Mordrake

Summary: This is the third book in the Galaxii Series, packed with comedy, suspense and action, and tells the tale of Adam – a former Corsair working to expunge his bloody past by doing good… Starting with helping Mykl d’Angelo – captain of the imperial star ship Antares to track down and capture one of the most powerful and feared Corsairs in legend: Sona Killroy… aka The Hammer.

In Closing

As I said in last month’s newsletter, I’ve resolved to release several titles per year. I expanded on the background of indie publishing – at least “according to Christina Engela” – and how I do it, in a short article “Are Indie Published Authors Really “Published” Authors?” I posted on May 5.

Sales-wise in April-May, sales (including free downloads) were up, largely due to the paid FB ad campaigns I took in April which got a lot of hits! No, I can’t afford to retire just yet, and the small island in the Caribbean will have to wait! In the meantime, keep your chins up and keep on keeping on! Thanks again for all your support, friendship and interaction! Until next time,

Cheers! 🙂

If you would like to know more about Christina Engela and her writing, please feel free to browse her website. If you want to know what Christina Engela’s focus group or target market is, please read here. If you would like to read more about Christina’s life and experiences, please go to her Biography and the article “Timeline of Milestones, Awards & Achievements“. To leave her a message, please use the Contact form. Visit her Shop. ‘Add’ Christina Engela on Facebook (Profile). ‘Like’ Christina Engela on Facebook (Page). All material copyright © Christina Engela, 2017.
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