The Galaxii Series

The Galaxii Series is a series of sci-fi/fantasy/horror novels by Christina Engela, set in what might be considered the not too distant future, perhaps in a parallel dimension. The Galaxii Series is set in the same universe as the The Quantum Series (also by Christina Engela) and technically precedes that series, being a century or so earlier in the same timeline, and using different settings.

Dead Beckoning Front

The Galaxii Series as originally released by Christina Engela between 2004 – 2014, consisted of 7 titles, including a collection of short stories (Space Sucks!).

Christina’s tendency to write and complete stories seemingly at both ends of the series timeline at about the same – well, time… created a number of difficulties for the author when it came to publishing the series. For instance, with 3 completed books at the start of the timeline, running in sequence ready to be published – and four others also forming a sequence, but at the end of the timeline – also ready to be published, this created a large gap in the center!  This gap was intended to be filled with stories that had not yet been completed – some which had not yet even been started!

To avoid having to wait until the gap had been filled – which would take years, Christina opted instead to separate the two sequences into two distinct series. Thus, the first three titles (BlachartDemonspawn, and Dead Beckoning) formed the start of the Galaxii Series, and the four already completed titles at the end of that timeline (Black SunriseThe Time Saving AgencyDead Man’s Hammer, and Loderunner) became the Quantum Series.

Another reason why Christina Engela opted to split Galaxii into two distinct series – while the Quantum Series is lighter, more eccentric and more humorous, the Galaxii Series is overall more serious in its tone. This difference in style, settings, character qualities and tone made the two sequences of titles to appear rather incompatible, or at least, in the view of the writer, difficult to reconcile.

Christina continues to write stories in both series, with at least 1 new title (“Where Darkness Softly Treads“) to be added to the Galaxii Series by the end of 2017.


The Galaxii Series by Christina Engela:

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