New Book Trailer – Blachart

Hello fans,

I thought I’d share my new book trailer for Blachart with you!

I did this, believe it or not, with PowerPoint and literally a couple of stock images. Some were drawings done by me of course.

Like a look behind the scenes? Well, sure! Here we go:

The next video is a snippet of when the Antares arrives at the ruined Starbase 91, as you should be able to tell, it’s a scene on the bridge, with the main focus being on the devastated space station on the viewscreen.

This was a simple animation task, with the base image shown below next:

The next one was rather complicated, as it was the first time I’d done this particular sort of thing – a two slide animation using the same background and two separate sets of overlays – plus the two sets of animated weapons fire on top of that!

The images were colored using a software app, and I used them in overlays to create the little sequence shown below in the snippet:

In the snippet below, you will see the I.S.S. Antares doing a pass in front of the ‘camera’.

Next, a slow pass from a different angle:

Of course, this is the same model I showed you previously, when I wrote about them last year. Below are a couple of shots of that model, one on its stand in front of the backdrop, and the other with the wire removed and as used in the book and on my website.

Another sequence I did, involved the building of a model out of cardboard, Styrofoam and Plasticine, and painting it – shown in the next picture!

…and there you are – a bog-standard model of a loderunner, painted black to look like a Corsair ship!

To show variety in the kinds of loderunners used as warships by the Corsairs, I also used another model I built.

Below is a sequence I used it in:

Yes, these are all the same picture of the same model copied and pasted all over the slide, grouped, and animated!

This was a revamp and basically a complete rebuild of the previous book trailer I’d done for this title back in 2016! I had a great deal of fun making it, and learning new tricks in the latest version of PowerPoint to do it.

What’s next? Well, I’ve already almost finished the next book trailer for the second book in the series – “Demonspawn“, and that one was even more challenging to do! Stay tuned for more news on that soon!

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